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Things to know

Who is eligible:  Limited time offer. Only new to Spark’s broadband customers (has not had broadband with Spark within the last 90 days), who purchase Unplan or Unplan Netflix (consumer Fibre or Wireless), and are still on this plan on the date of using the voucher.  

What do you get: $150 voucher will be given in the form of an email with unique numbers and can only be redeemed at Spark’s stores. This voucher is for cash-type purchases only – you cannot use it to pay for your broadband or mobile bills.   

How does it work: The voucher will be sent to a provided email address upon your broadband connection following your welcome email from Spark. The voucher expires on 18 October 2021. Spark will contact you to remind you one month before its expiry. Must be spent in one transaction on one item.

Any restrictions: Not redeemable for cash or Spark credit, and cannot be used to pay for your broadband or/and mobile plan(s) or to pay for your Spark bill (including but not limited to existing Interest Free Payment, Calling/Landline, Early Termination fees and other account fees). The voucher is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. Any balance that remains on the voucher after the redemption or the voucher’s validity period end will no longer be available for use. Lost, stolen or destroyed voucher will not be exchanged or refunded. 

Unplan: Fibre or Wireless

  • Unplan is the name of our new Fibre and Wireless plan. It's called Unplan because you pay as you go. 
  • Monthly charges are invoiced in arrears. Price tier determined by how much data you use that month.
  • Additional charges may apply for non-standard installation.
  • Modem not included but can be purchased from Spark at an additional cost. If you purchase a modem from Spark, it may not be compatible with other Spark broadband services or other service provider’s services.
  • Modem interest free payment options available, terms apply. See interest free options
  • Outstanding interest free payments must be paid in full if you leave Spark or change to a broadband technology where interest free payments are not available.
  • Modem postage and handling fee applies.
  • You can bring your own modem, but this may impact your broadband experience. Spark 4G Wireless Broadband will require a Spark modem.Your broadband is delivered via Wireless Broadband (over Spark’s 4G network) or Fibre (FibreBASIC over the Ultra Fast Fibre network, which you can upgrade for an additional charge). Spark will select the most appropriate technology for you based on what’s available at your address and usage patterns you indicate during your set up.
  • If you have Wireless Broadband and your data usage exceeds 350GB in a month, or 300GB a month for three consecutive months, Spark may change you (at Spark’s discretion) to Fibre or a new plan.
  • For Unplan Metro plans (available at eligible addresses only), a Fair Use Policy applies. This means you cannot use the service in a way that is overly excessive or unreasonable. View Unplan terms below.
  • Fibre or Wireless plans don't come with a landline. This means you will not be able to make calls from a landline, including 111 calls. If you want a landline, please add a landline during the check out process. Further charges apply.
  • If you're already a Spark broadband customer, any recurring credits or discounts on your existing broadband account will stop when you switch plans. This includes things like the $10 Bundle up Bonus.
  • Unplan terms and conditions apply. View Unplan Terms


Unplan Netflix: Fibre or Wireless

If you select Fibre or Wireless Netflix, also known as Unplan Netflix, the following also apply:

  • The Netflix plan comes with Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming for the duration of your Netflix plan. Or until you or Spark terminates this service in accordance with the Unplan Netflix terms and conditions.
  • If you change from any broadband plan that are on term contracts this will become open term. If your plan is already open term this will remain the same.
  • You must use your own Netflix compatible device.
  • Even if you’ve had a Netflix offer with Spark or if you have a Netflix account you’ll still need go to MySpark and select activate. If you were already paying for a Netflix account, this payment will stop as soon as you activate your Spark offer. It doesn’t matter how you were paying, for example, by credit card, Spark bill, iTunes, Google Play or Apple TV.
  • You don't need to cancel an existing Netflix account. You can use your existing Netflix details when you activate and this will link it to your Spark broadband plan. This means you'll stop being billed for your existing Netflix account separately.
  • View terms for Unplan Netflix:
    Spark’s Unplan Terms
    Netflix on Spark plans terms and conditions


Unplan: Fibre or Wireless with landline

If you select Unplan / Unplan Netflix: Fibre or Wireless with landline, the following also apply:

  • Your plan recommendation will show ‘with Landline’ if this is included. If you want to add or remove a landline, please select View more options to include this change in your order. Further charges will apply if you add on a landline.
  • Your Unplan landline is reliant on power. If there is a power outage you won't be able to call emergency services so it’s important to have a charged mobile phone available for emergencies.
  • This Unplan landline service does not come with a copper phone line so may not be compatible with some third-party services including monitored medical and security alarms and interactive features on SKY digital. It is your responsibility to check with your service provider and make suitable arrangements.
  • From the commencement date of your Unplan service, all your National and International calls will be provided and invoiced by Spark.