Why choose Wireless Broadband?

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Wireless broadband is a fast and reliable service delivered over our super-fast 4G mobile network. Speeds can vary from house to house, but we're so confident you'll love this new service that we're offering a 30-day money back network guarantee. Wireless broadband is so easy to set up, you don't even need a technician to connect you. Once you receive your new wireless modem, just power it up, and it'll automatically activate itself. Then connect your devices, and your broadband is good to go. Some plans include a phone line.

Plus get even more

Free modem

Go with a 12 month contract and we’ll hook you up to the network and send you a new Spark Wireless Broadband Modem, FREE.

$14.95 courier cost applies.

Free email account

Get your emails sorted with a FREE premium Xtra account. Plus, add up to ten extra accounts - and get the whole family on email.

Free McAfee security

Keep your computer safe from online threats with a world-class security suite from McAfee, FREE with your plan.

Plans to suit you

Choose your data amount, with easy ways to top up your data if you need a little extra. Sign on for 12 months or go Open Term.

30 day money back network guarantee

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30 day money back network guarantee: If the service doesn’t work at the agreed address, or the performance is not satisfactory, e.g. compared to a previous ADSL, VDSL or phone line connection at the address, contact Spark within the first 30 days to cancel your plan, return your modem (in the original packaging) and we’ll refund your monthly plan charge.

$50 Buy Online Credit available to new to Spark broadband customers who sign up for a 12 month or 24 month contract online. A credit of $50 will be applied up front on your account and will be debited back if your Spark service is disconnected within the first 6 months.

Buy Online Credit offer not available in conjunction with any special offers or promotions, when you buy online. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice. Eligibility rules apply.

Broadband not available everywhere and speeds vary. Local Fibre Company and Spark terms apply.

  • You may only use your Spark Wireless Broadband modem to receive the service at the installed location. If you use it at another location, we may suspend, disconnect, or restrict your Spark Wireless Broadband service without notice. We need to manage our 4G network to give all customers a reliable and consistent service; if customers move their modem to a new area, this limits our ability to do this. If you move house, let us know beforehand so we can confirm what broadband options are available and get you correctly set up for your move.

  • The Spark Wireless Broadband modem requires mains power so service (including access to emergency services) will not be available in the event of a power failure. We recommend having a charged mobile phone available for use during power outages. If you have a monitored alarm that uses your landline, you’ll need to update it to a wireless option. Most medical alarm providers offer wireless monitoring solutions – it is important that you arrange this with your provider.

  • Spark’s wireless broadband service does not use a copper connection or phone jack points in your home. You can use portable cordless phones (which are available from Spark) if you need multiple phones in your home.

  • If you use all your plan data, extra data will automatically be charged to your account at $10 for 10GB. Extra data packs can be purchased but limits apply.

What about my landline service?

A wireless landline service is included with most of our wireless broadband plans (unless you choose a Naked one without a landline) and calling using it will work the same as your current landline today.


What if I have my toll calls with a different provider?

If you choose a Wireless Broadband/Landline plan you will have to use Spark for your direct dial toll calling (Non-code access). That means you won't be able to use another company to make your toll calls and any toll calls you do make will be charged to your Spark account.


Are there any other services that I can't use with a Wireless Landline?

The following services don’t work with Wireless landline:

  • Monitored alarm: (including medical and security alarms) that uses your landline
  • You cannot use a SKY remote to download SKY "pay per view" movies or games, or SKY betting. You can still order SKY "pay per view" movies or games by calling SKY TV
  • Home 0800
  • Hotline
  • Unlimited data
  • Talk it up neighbouring area
  • Eftpos machines that require a landline
  • Faxes
  • Centrex
  • Dual Number
  • ISDN
  • PABXs
  • Stepping


Can I use my existing Home Phone with Wireless Landline?

Your existing home phone calling will work as normal when plugged into the back of the modem. If it’s a cordless (DECT) phone, you’ll still need to have the base station connected to power. If you have multiple phones in other rooms that are connected via the jackpoint in the wall, these will not work.

If you want to use multiple phones, we recommend using a cordless (DECT) phone with multiple handsets.


How can I keep track of my usage, and what if I want more data?

It's super easy to keep track of your usage, you can see how much data you have left by logging into your account in MySpark. Once you reach your data cap, extra data is charged at $10 for the first 10GB, then data usage is blocked. Extra data can be purchased at 10GB for $10 and this can be purchased as a one-off or recurring monthly. You can add extra data using the Spark app or through MySpark.


Does Wireless Broadband work in the event of a power outage?

No, Wireless Broadband will not work in the event of a power outage. If you have a wireless landline as part of your bundle, this also won’t work, including the ability to make 111 calls. We recommend having a fully charged mobile phone on hand at all times, or using an uninterrupted power source (UPS) to keep your broadband and landline service working in the event of a power outage.


How do I connect all my devices to the new wireless broadband modem?

Your new modem will have a different WiFi network name so you’ll need to set up your devices to connect to this. On your computer or other devices (i.e. mobile or tablet), just search for the new network. It will show up as SPARK-B315-XXXX (the exact name is shown on the sticker on the bottom of your modem). Choose that one, then enter the WiFi Key (case sensitive) to join the network. You’ll find all this information on the bottom of your modem.

Sign-up with Spark for 12-months and a top-spec Modem is coming your way. Free.

Spark Modem for Wireless Broadband customers

  • Huawei B315s Modem
  • Spark 4G – up to 150Mbps
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz wireless networking
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Lan Ports
  • 1 x RJ11 port for Wireless Landline
  • 1 x USB 2 port supporting external hard drives or a printer
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The fine print

^ Availability: There are a number of factors that can affect whether or not you can get Spark Broadband at your premises as well as the stability and performance of your Spark Broadband connection. For this reason and the other reasons set out here we do not guarantee service until installation is complete and your line has been tested.

† Speed: Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums, and actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including WiFi capability, internal home wiring and other environmental factors. Find out more

*Choose a 12 month contract and you'll get a free standard connection and a modem.
Get a standard connection and modem on us but you'll need to return the modem if you cancel your plan or a fee will apply. The fee will be waived if you stay for 2 years or more. Details on fee and how to return are set out in the Wireless Broadband terms.
If the modem needs to be posted to you, a postage and handling fee of $14.95 will apply.

Buy Online Credit: Sign up for broadband online on a 12 month or a 24 month contract and score a Buy Online Credit Terms and conditions.

$300 credit. Sign up for a broadband online for a 12 or 24 month Unlimited Home Broadband plan Naked or with a Landline; 12 month 120GB Wireless Home Broadband plan Naked or with a Landline or 12 month 240GB Rural Wireless Broadband plan Naked or with a Landline and score a $300 credit. Terms and Conditions.

Spark Home PackageBroadband and Residential Terms and Conditions apply.