Portable Broadband

Portable Broadband allows you to be on the move, whilst staying connected to broadband. It's a second connection that can be taken away with you, such as to your holiday bach or remote working location, providing a 4G Wireless Broadband connection.

At the Bach

Stay connected and entertain the kids when you're away from home. Simple to set up, no need to call a technician for installation.

On The Move

Whether you travel New Zealand by land or sea, stop and share the best of your travels with the broadband connection you can take with you.

Second Home connection

Keep everyone happy by getting a separate connection for the granny flat, den, or shed. Just plug your modem in and get started.

Sound good? 

To get Portable Broadband, just contact us on any one of the following options:
Call 0800 800 123, message us, or pop into one of our stores.


Plug & play, for home, or away

Power up your modem

Plug your modem into power using the black cable. The light will change from red to blue to show that you’re connected.

Connect to WiFi

Go on your computer, tablet or mobile to find the list of available WiFi networks. Next select the Spark WiFi network SPARK-XXXX. It’s printed on the bottom of the modem along with the WiFi key.

Read the terms and conditions of the Portable Broadband plan. This is also known as the offer summary

See Portable Broadband terms / offer summary

  • Portable Broadband uses Spark's great 4G network, and will only work within the Spark 4G coverage area. 4G coverage is not available everywhere.
  • Charges will vary depending on usage
    • Up to 1GB: $14.99/month.
    • More than 1GB, and up to a total of 40GB: $49.99/month.
  • For usage over 1GB any unused data will be available the following month.
  • If you use all of your plan data (40GB), you will need to add extra data to your account, via your MySpark app, at $10 for 10GB. Extra data packs can be purchased, but limits apply.
  • Portable Broadband does not include any landline service, or is available for any landline add-on.
  • The Spark Wireless Broadband modem requires mains power, so broadband services will not be available in the event of a power failure. We recommend having a charged mobile phone available for use during power outages.

Important information about modems

  • Modem not included, but can be purchased from Spark at an additional cost. If you purchase a modem from Spark, it may not be compatible with Spark’s other broadband services or other broadband providers’ services.
  • For the modem compatible with this plan, interest-free payments are available. Terms apply. See interest-free options
  • Outstanding interest-free payments must be paid in full if you leave Spark or change to a broadband technology where interest-free payments are not available.
  • Modem postage and handling fee applies.
  • You may only use a Spark Wireless Broadband modem to receive the service.
  • You can bring an existing Spark Wireless modem.

How does the Spark Portable Broadband plan work?

  • The Spark Portable Broadband plan costs $49.99 per month, or $14.98 per month when not in use. The plan includes 40GB of capped data.

What happens to my billing when I’m not using the internet?

  • Spark's new Portable Broadband plan has a base rental charge of $14.99 per month when not in use. This means that when you are not using the internet, or are only using for light usage of up to 1GB, you will only be charged $14.99 on your monthly billing date.  This amount will appear on your monthly bill in the rental section of your account.
    Portable Broadband in Spark bill
  • Note that your rental period is always charged  a month in advance, which means your first bill will have the base plan rental adjusted back to your connection date

What happens when I use over 1GB on my Portable Broadband plan?

  • Your Portable Broadband plan includes a total of 40GB of capped data. This means that when you use over 1GB, the remaining 39GB data lift will be available to use.  At this time the remaining $34.99 data lift portion of your plan will be charged. Your 39GB data lift will then be available to use right up until the end of your next rental billing period and so you will have at least 30 days to use it.
    Data Lift in Spark Bill
  • The $34.99 data lift charge also appears in the rental section on your account.

What happens if I use my 40GB allocation before the end of my billing period?

  • Once you reach the 40GB data cap on your Portable Broadband plan,  you have the option to purchase 10GB for $10.00 (up to 5 times) to bridge the gap until your next billing period.
  • When you reach your next billing period your base plan of $14.99 will be charged for the following month and your usage will be re-set to 1GB when not in use.

What if I don’t use my 40GB allocation before the end of the billing period?

  • When you reach your next billing period your base plan of $14.98 will be charged for the following month and you will start to use your 1GB data block.  If you still have any of your 39GB left from the previous month it will be available to use after your 1GB has run out.

    Portable Broadband in MySpark

How do I know how much data I have used?

  • You can check your data usage in the Spark App, or in MySpark at myspark.co.nz
    • What the usage meters look like when you've used less than 1GB:
    • What the usage meters look like when you've used the first 1GB used and now you're using the 39GB data lift:
    • What the usage meters look like when your 39GB data lift rolls over to the following month (your 1GB will be used first):
    • What the usage meters look like when you've used all your 40GB used before the end of the month and have purchased extra data:

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