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Spark has a network of approximately 2,500 Payphones across New Zealand. They're in most busy public places – just look for the distinctive Spark graphics. Find your nearest payphone

Every Payphone accepts chip PhoneCards, which are available from a large network of retailers - such as supermarkets, book stores and service stations - across the country. Learn about PhoneCards

All of our Payphones also accept Credit Cards and about 10% of the payphones accept coins.

Some of our external booths are also WiFi zones, so laptop users can access wireless high speed internet up to 50 metres away. Everything you can do on the Internet at your desk you can now do from your laptop and one of these nearby Payphones.

Payphone facts and figures

  • Over 300,000 Spark PhoneCards are produced every year
  • Tens of thousands of minutes and calls are made using Payphones every month
  • The first coin-operated call boxes were developed in America in 1889
  • Payphones were first used in New Zealand in 1910
  • Credit Card phones were introduced to New Zealand in 1993.

How much does it cost to use a Payphone?

For a list of direct-dial call charges applicable from Spark Payphones (where a Spark PhoneCard™, coins, or a credit card is required to make the call) please see our list of Payphone charges

Payphone access surcharge

Since April 2005, a payphone access surcharge applies to all providers of toll free and calling cards services who use certain access numbers so that payphone users can call their services.

As a provider of toll-free services, Spark passing these costs on to Spark customers who use the services. Depending on the Spark service or access number dialed, the payphones access surcharge will be charged to either:

  • Holders of Spark Home 0800 numbers who receive calls from Spark payphones.
  • Holders of Spark Business 0800 or 0508 numbers who receive calls from Spark payphones.

How much is the surcharge?

  • The surcharge applied to our 0800/0508 customers is 21.33c per minute excluding GST.