Make a call from any payphone with our phonecards | Spark NZ


Spark PhoneCards are a quick and convenient way to make a call from any one of about 4000 Payphones in our Payphone network.

Each card contains a chip that stores the value of the card. That means you can insert the card into the card reader on the Payphone, and make your call immediately. No need to speak to operators, or type in numbers to activate the card.

You can buy a PhoneCard from over 5,000 retail outlets around the country, including service stations, supermarkets, transport centres, bookshops, tourist operators and dairies. You can also buy them in denominations of $5, $10, $20 and $50.

What else you should know…

PhoneCards have an expiry date and you need to use your PhoneCard credit before the PhoneCard expires.

We will not replace, refund or issue credits for expired PhoneCards.

For information on faulty PhoneCards please see our Residential Terms and Conditions(PDF 28KB).