Switching to Spark - Landline & Broadband Plans | Spark NZ

Come on over - switching to Spark is easy

It really is simple to switch – and you get to keep your old number. Just let us know and we'll take care of all the paperwork.

All you need to do is choose a plan. You can get a home phone on its own, or package it up with a broadband connection. 

Choose a home plan

Our four plans give you plenty of options, depending on where and when you want to call. Plus, you can add useful extras like call waiting and voicemail.

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Add Broadband to your plan

If you want broadband at home as well, pick one of our packages. You'll get a home phone plan, heaps of data and cheap calling rates.


Our direct dial national calls from your home phone are charged minute plus minute. There's a one minute minimum charge per call.

Our direct dial international calls from your home phone are charged for the first minute, then per second. There's a one minute minimum charge per call.

Number portability means someone can take their number with them when they change mobile providers. So you can't just assume that you know which network a person is on by their mobile phone prefix (eg 027, 029, 021 etc). You can however check if the mobile number you're calling is on the Spark network FREE. Simply text the mobile number to 300 and you'll receive a text back confirming if the number is on the Spark network.