Our new 5G network is here to meet your growing data needs.

Let's begin to discover and enjoy what this exciting, next-generation technology can do.

To discover 5G Mobile, you'll need:

5G coverage

Spark 5G mobile service is live in downtown Auckland, Takapuna, Te Awamutu, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Christchurch CBD, Dunedin, Hamilton, Clyde and Alexandra. Stay tuned, our network is expanding fast.

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A 5G phone

5G phones are available from any Spark store. '5G Ready' means it'll work on our network now. '5G Capable' means it'll be enabled soon, but will work on 4G in meantime.

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Any Spark mobile plan

5G is included in all Spark plans at no extra cost for a limited time. You'll be spoilt for choice with options to fit many needs and budgets.

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5G-ready devices from Spark


If you didn’t buy your 5G phone from us, we can activate 5G in-store for you. Or you can call us at 0800 SPARK 5G (0800 772 755).

5G has the potential to allow you to do more, faster.

To get the most out of your 5G experience, we recommend our Endless Mobile plans. 5G will use more data than your previous 4G service. Our Endless plans include a certain amount of max speed data (which you can use for 5G). Once this has run out, you get endless data at 1.2Mbps. At this speed you can continue to do the things you love, like streaming your favourite shows on Netflix, listening to music, scrolling through social media and keeping in touch with friends and family on FaceTime without running out of data.

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  • Spark will automatically activate 5G for any users with a Spark purchased 5G Ready device, when a customer is in 5G coverage.
  • Spark advises customers to use the latest available software.
  • To get access to 5G, some customers may need to update their software.
  • Turning 5G on may also be required for some users.
  • Check your device manufacturers details for any assistance with settings.
  • For non-Spark purchased devices, we're happy for customers to try 5G, contact us for help with turning it on.
  • Customers will still need to be in an area of 5G coverage in order to be able to use 5G.
  • Spark would recommend using Spark sourced devices, as we can't guarantee the performance of devices not purchased through Spark.
  • In order to use 5G on Spark, the device will need to support the right network frequencies and be configured to allow Spark 5G access.
  • For the best experience, devices will need to support the frequency bands below.
    • 3G: B5 | 3G 850MHz
    • 4G Essential: B1 | LTE 2100MHz + B28 | LTE 700MHz + B3 | LTE 1800MHz
    • 4G Recommended: B40 | LTE 2300MHz + B7 | LTE 2600MHz
    • 5G: N78
  •  To see if your device can support 5G on Spark, check our device compatibility list

5G ready is a 5G device that is already compatible with Spark's 5G network – so it's ready to access our network as long as you're in coverage and on any Spark mobile plan. You'll need to ensure you have installed the latest software update.

Our initial 5G deployment is 'NSA' (non-stand-alone). What this means is that a device needs to connect to 4G before it can connect to 5G. This means that at minimum, a device must support both Band 1 | LTE 2100MHz and N78 | 5G.

5G is included in all Spark plans at no extra cost for a limited time.

Currently we are only putting 5G equipment on our existing cell towers. We will not be putting up specific towers for 5G for a long time yet.