How do I get Data Stack?

Add an eligible pack

The following Prepaid Value Packs are eligible for Data Stack

  • $20 Rollover Value Pack
  • $30 Rollover Value Pack
  • $50 Rollover Value Pack
  • $80 Endless Value Pack

Sign up to MySpark

If you don’t already have a MySpark account, click here to create an account

Check MySpark

If you’re on an eligible plan and have signed up to MySpark your Data Stack will be automatically activated. To check, log in to your MySpark account using the app or online

How Data Stack works

Data Stack is a feature available on Spark Prepaid that lets you grow your data allowance, the longer you stay! You get 100MB of stackable data every 28 days when you stay on your eligible Spark Prepaid Value Pack. What does this look like?

After 6 Value Packs, you'll have 600MB

After 12 Value Packs, you'll have 1.2GB

Using Data Stack

On a Prepaid plan, data will be used in the following order of priority:

When will my Data Stack increase?

Your Data Stack will increase every 28 days as long as you keep your eligible Value Pack active, and keep your MySpark login.


How do I check how much data is in my Data Stack?

You can check your Data Stack allowance in MySpark using the app or online. Go to MySpark


With Data Stack, can I still change my Prepaid Value Pack?

Yes, as long as you have one eligible Pack active on your mobile, you’ll keep your Data Stack. For example, you can change from the $20 Rollover Value Pack to the $30 Rollover Value Pack, and your Data Stack will remain intact.


Does Data Stack roll over?

No, Data Stack amounts do not roll over, but the included Pack data within the $20, $30 or $50 Rollover Value Packs will roll over if there is any left over at the time of the Pack renewal/expiry up to a maximum of 3.5GB.

Why can’t I see my Data Stack usage in the app?

You must have the latest version of the Spark app to see Data Stack. You can check for updates to the app in the App Store (on iOS) or the Google Play Store (on Android).


If I forgot to top up and my Prepaid Value Pack has been removed, can I still keep my Data Stack?

If you purchase a new eligible Prepaid Value Pack within 14 days of your old pack dropping off, then your Data Stack will reactivate at the previous amount. If you purchase a new eligible pack after 14 days, then your Data Stack will restart at 100MB.


Can I have Data Stack on a Pay Monthly plan?

No, Data Stack is only available on Spark Prepaid connections.


I don’t have a phone that can run the Spark app – can I still get Data Stack?

Yes, you can! You can create a MySpark account online and then keep track of your usage using MySpark on your computer or other internet-connected device. Create a MySpark account


Why doesn’t Data Stack renew on the same day as my Value Pack?

Your Data Stack has its own 28-day cycle based on the date it was first activated. For some people this will mean that it renews on a different day to your Value Pack.

The Spark Mobile Prepaid Agreement, the Spark Mobile Service specific terms and conditions and any other applicable Spark terms apply in addition to these Data Stack terms and conditions.


Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible for a Data Stack if you have:

  1. One (or more) of the following eligible Value Packs loaded on to your Spark Prepaid mobile number:
    1. $20 Rollover Value Pack, or
    2. $30 Rollover Value Pack, or
    3. $50 Rollover Value Pack; and
  2. A current login to MySpark or the Spark app



The Data Stack will be automatically activated once eligibility has been met.



Once activated, each Data Stack allowance will be available for you to use until the following, (whichever occurs first):

  • The expiry of the 28 day period which starts on your activation or pack renewal 
  • Your current Data Stack allowance is used in its entirety 
  • You no longer meet the eligibility criteria



At the end of the 28 day period of your previous Data Stack, a new Data Stack allowance will automatically be applied to your Spark Prepaid mobile number if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you choose to change your Spark mobile plan from Prepaid to Pay Monthly, your Data Stack allowance will not be carried over to your new Pay Monthly plan.

Should your eligible Value Pack fail to renew at the end of its cycle your Data Stack will be frozen. While your Data Stack is frozen, you will have a 14-day grace period to purchase an eligible Value Pack in order to automatically reactivate your existing Data Stack allowance.


Data Stack Amounts

The first Data Stack allowance you receive is 100MB. The Data Stack allowance will automatically increase by 100MB each successive 28 day period provided you meet the eligibility criteria. The maximum Data Stack allowance you can reach is 10GB. Once you’ve reached the 10GB data maximum, any future Data Stacks will remain capped at 10GB.

Only one Data Stack will be applied to a Spark Prepaid mobile phone number at a time. That is, if you have multiple eligible Value Packs loaded on your Spark Prepaid mobile phone number, you will not receive multiple Data Stacks.

The amount of Data Stack is not related to the value of the eligible Value Pack, the 100MB increments apply irrespective of whether you purchase a $20, $30 or $50 Rollover Value Pack.


Order of usage

Your data allowances usage will be in the following order:

  • Data included within your Prepaid pack:
    • This includes any promotional bonus data, if eligible, or if you have purchased any additional data extras
    • Usage will be based on what expires first
  • The Data Stack allowance
  • Any Rollover allowance


Checking Data Stack allowance and usage

Log in to your MySpark dashboard or your Spark app to check your Data Stack allowance and its expiry date.



Data Stack data is non-refundable and is not transferrable to another mobile number, person or account.

Spark may amend or cancel this Data Stack offer at any time by sending you a text. You will be able to finish your then current Data Stack allowance or 28 day Data Stack period, whichever occurs first.