Spark's Best Value Endless Mobile plans



*Endless data: Speeds reduce after 40GB per line. No tethering or hotspots unless you buy a Hotspot extra

**Unlimited text: Includes person-to-person text messages (SMS) to NZ and Aus numbers only.

† Hotspot extra: A person's Hotspot extra usage counts towards their total data usage on their Endless Mobile plan. Speeds will reduce at 40GB.

Endless Mobile gets better with Spark

**Endless data

Endless data is for personal NZ use on your phone only. Excludes roaming data. Max speeds reduce at 40GB of data usage per billing cycle. You'll still be able to use your data like you did before but will experience some degradation (such as lower video resolution) when watching video, streaming or loading images. Machine to machine services, tethering, mobile hotspots or any other similar activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage is prohibited ("Prohibited Usage"). 

**Unlimited calls and texts

You get unlimited calls and texts to standard NZ and Australian numbers (you need to be texting or calling another person). Excludes premium and special numbers and roaming. Unlimited texts cannot be used for re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage ("Prohibited Usage"). If we consider that you're engaging in Prohibited Usage we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription with unlimited texts immediately with notice.

The following terms and conditions apply:

Hotspot extra

The Hotspot Extra is available with Spark Endless Mobile plans for $10/month. A person’s hotspot extra usage counts towards their total data usage on their Endless Mobile plan. Speeds will reduce after 40GB. Hotspot capable device is required.

What does Endless data mean?

Endless New Zealand data means you can browse the web, stream content, upload, download and play games. While there are no caps on how much data you use, after 40GB of data usage, Spark will reduce the maximum speed for the remainder of the billing cycle. Tethering and mobile hotspot use is prohibited (unless you buy a Hotspot extra) and Endless data is for use on mobile devices only.

Who is eligible for these plans?

Spark consumer and business customers can buy these plans.

Why does Spark exclude tethering and hotspots?

To protect the data experience for all customers on our network, these plans don't include mobile hotspot/tethering (unless you buy a hotspot extra).

How will you know if I’m tethering or hotspotting?

Spark reserves the right to monitor data usage and customer volumes, to ensure customers are complying with our terms of use. Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated or restricted for misuse or interference with our network.

What is the Hotspot extra?

The Endless Mobile Plan provides you with Endless data to your mobile, but not to other devices. If you want the ability to use some data on other devices, you can purchase a Hotspot extra. We have two Hotspot extras:

Hotspot extra - Allows you to hotspot your Endless Mobile Plan data to other devices for up to 30 days from purchase. Usage from the Hotspot extra counts towards your total data usage on your Endless plan and speeds will reduce at 40GB.

Hotspot 1GB extra - Allows you to hotspot up to 1GB of data from your Endless Mobile Plan to other devices for up to 30 days from purchase. Once you have used your allocation of hotspot or tethering data, you will no longer be able to tether or hotspot on other devices; however, you’ll still be able to use your Endless plan data on your mobile. Learn more about Hotspot extras. Visit our extras page

Are the Endless Mobile Plan, Endless Group Plan and Endless Companion Plan compatible with tablets?

No, these plans are restricted for mobile use only, and can't be used on any other device, including SIM-enabled tablets., t-sticks, hotspots (unless you buy a hotspot extra) or modems.

Can I share my Endless Mobile Plan or Endless Group Plan data, text and minutes?

  • The Endless Group Plan lets you share your data, minutes and texts with up to three other people on your account for $29.99 each (we call these other people you are sharing with companions)
  • You can share with these companions once you've bought, and been connected your Endless Group Plan
  • You need to sign in to the Spark app or MySpark to add these companions
  • If you sign up to the $99.99 Endless Group Plan online, we’ll send you emails to help you through this process
  • Each of the companion plans have their own line number and Endless data, text and minutes allocations
  • The regular Endless data conditions apply to these companions, for example, at 40GB max data speeds are reduced, no tethering or hotspots, standard New Zealand and Australia numbers
  • The Endless Mobile Plan is a stand-alone plan. Spark sharer plans can't be added to this plan therefore no plan allocations can be shared with any other user. Prohibited use of tethering and hotspots also means that sharing data via these means is restricted.

Can Business customers get Lightbox?

Lightbox on these plans is for personal use only. Lightbox terms apply, for personal use only (no commercial use or further distribution).

What if I'm on an older 24 month term contract and I want to transfer to these plans?

Pay Monthly customers who have a minimum term and want to move to any open-term plan, including the Endless Mobile Plan or Endless Group Plan, will have to pay disconnection fees before connecting to an open-term plan. Refer to our Schedule of disconnection fees and termination charges.

Can Endless Mobile replace my Wireless Broadband plan?

Endless Mobile isn't designed to replace home broadband. Tethering and hotspot use is prohibited (unless you buy a hotspot extra), and data speeds will be monitored and may vary. Wireless Broadband provides a more suitable level of service to support the way customers use the internet at home.

Voicemail Free
International text messages 30c each
Picture messages 50c each
Video calling 69c/minute
International Calling Rates (Direct-dial any landline or mobile) Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland 89c/minute
Rest of the world $1.49/minute

Spotify Premium Pay Monthly Mobile customers that joined before 1 November 2018

Spotify Premium on us is available to customers on Consumer Mobile Pay Monthly Rollover plans $39.99 and above (excludes Sharer plans).  Data charges and Spotify terms apply see

Spotify Premium Pay Monthly Mobile

Spotify Premium on us is available to customers on Consumer Mobile Pay Monthly Rollover plans $39.99 and above (excludes Sharer plans). Data charges and Spotify terms apply see


Lightbox is limited to one subscription per Spark account. The Lightbox service provided under this offer may vary over time, we will always notify you of any change to your service in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

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