What you and your companions get

Endless data

Get endless data at max speed for up to 40GB1 for you and each of your companions.

Unlimited talk + text

Everyone can keep in touch with the people they love. Exclusions apply2.

Entertainment for you

Spotify Premium or Netflix included in your plan.

Entertainment for your companions

Each companion gets 50% off Spotify Premium included in their plan.

Awesome extras


Add a Hotspot extra3 for when you need to stay connected.

Data only plan

Got a tablet? Add on an Endless Data only plan for you and each companion.

International call + text $10/month

Call or text up to 20 destinations from NZ for only $10 per month. Includes 200 mins and 100 texts4.


Save money on Endless Group

Just you

One $99.99 Endless Group Plan



You + one

One $99.99 Endless Group Plan and one $29.99 companion plan


                           per person

$129.98 in total

You + two

One $99.99 Endless Group Plan and two $29.99 companion plans


                           per person

$159.97 in total

You + three

One $99.99 Endless Group Plan and three $29.99 companion plans


                           per person

$189.97 in total

How to connect your group

Step 1: Get our $99.99 Endless Group plan with your choice of entertainment

Step 2: Add your companions through MySpark

  1. Login to MySpark
  2. Select the number with the $99.99 Endless Group plan
  3. Select Add Companion

Need help?

Live chat with us, or find a local store.

Endless data: Allocated data at max speed, then speeds reduce to 1.2Mbps. This will impact your experience. No tethering or hotspots unless you buy a Hotspot extra.

Exclusions apply: Unlimited call includes person-to-person calling to standard NZ and Autralian numbers, excluding calls to premium and special numbers and roaming. Unlimited text includes person-to-person message to NZ and Australian number only and excludes MMS (picture messaging) and non-data video calling.

Hotspot extra: A person's Hotspot extra usage counts towards their total data usage on their Endless Mobile plan. Speeds will reduce after the allocated data at max speed to 1.2Mbps. This will impact your experience. 

International Talk and Text: Includes minutes and text allowances that can be used any time of the day for person-to-person calls and text messages from NZ, to any network in USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea.