Mobile Broadband can help keep you stay connected on the go. 

So, either grab a Mobile Broadband plan and SIM and put it into your 3G/4G enabled tablet, or, if you've got a trip coming up, grab a portable hotspot modem and be able to connect the whole household (up to 10 people). 

Either way, Spark has you covered when you're in our coverage.


Capped data1

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Capped data1

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Endless Data
Max Speed data2
Max Speed data reduces after 40GB

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Eligibility criteria apply
Max Speed data2
Max Speed data reduces after 40GB

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You must have an eligible mobile or broadband plan to buy this plan. Learn more

Capped data1

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1Standard rates apply after data amounts have been used up. Extra data is 30 cents per MB. Standard data is only for use in New Zealand.
2Endless data: Allocated data at max speed, then speeds reduce to a maximum of 1.2Mbps. This will impact your experience. No tethering or hotspots, unless you buy a Hotspot extra or if hotspot data is included in your plan. 

Portable Hotspot with your friends

Bring your portable hotspot with you on holiday so no one has to run their phone battery down personally hotspotting.

Mobile Broadband at the Campsite

Enjoy using a tablet or other device for broadband instead of your mobile phone whilst camping. Perfect to watch Cricket over the Summer through Spark Sport.

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Saturday and Sunday: 8am-6pm

Important things to know

  • You'll need to be in Spark's 3G or 4G coverage areas for WiFi On-The-Go to work.
  • The $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan and the $69.99 Data Plan are designed for portable WiFi On-The-Go devices. They're not suitable for use as a home broadband plan.
  • WiFi-On-The-Go is best for personal device connectivity only on devices such as laptops and tablets. Large screen devices will consume data at a higher rate.
  • It's not recommended to connect high-data consumption devices (such as Smart TVs or gaming consoles), or to connect multiple users' devices at the same time.
  • The more devices you connect to WiFi at the same time, the more your experience will be negatively impacted. 
  • Max speeds will be reduced after 40GB to 1.2Mbps. This will impact your experience.
Coverage Options

Spark NZ network coverage

Our network reaches 97.5% of New Zealanders.

The map indicates where we estimate our network coverage is available. Your experience may vary from the coverage shown depending on mobile capability, how it's used, and the local environment.

  • These are open term plans, which means you won’t be locked in long term. One month minimum term applies. All data expires at the end of the month and is not shareable.
  • Mobile Broadband Plans are restricted for tablet or mobile broadband use only. They cannot be used on any other device, including mobile phones or modems. Terms and conditions apply.