Get 50% of your data back with Spark Prepaid

From 25 January until the new extended date 3 May 2021, Spark Prepaid customers on an active, eligible Value Pack will receive 50% of their data back when they use 'selected data' during this offer period.

So, when you use 'selected data', you'll automatically get 50% back when you're on a $19, $29 or $49 Prepaid Value Pack. 

Be rewarded with more data when you use your data, so you can scroll, post and like more.

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Where can I view the 50% Data Back that I've earned? 

You can only view the data you've earned in the Spark App or in MySpark

Do I have to do anything to be part of this offer? 

No. As long as you're on an active, eligible Prepaid Value Pack, you'll automatically start earning 50% Data Back on selected data that you use. 

I've changed to an ineligible plan, do I get to keep my Data Back data? 

Yes, you get to keep your data back, but you can't use it until you're back on an active, eligibile Value Pack. 

Why can't I see my usage on the Spark App? 

Check that you've updated your Spark App to the latest app.  To check this, go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and check for any updates and install. The 50% Data Back offer won’t be displayed on any older version of the Spark App.  

I want to move to a Pay Monthly plan, will I keep the 50% Data Back amount? 

No, this is a Spark Prepaid offer. 

Can I use my 50% Data Back data in my 14-day grace period? 

No, you can only use that data on an active, eligible Value Pack plan. 

What is a grace period? 

You'll fall into a grace period if you don't renew your Value Pack after it expires. The grace period is 14 days and you can't earn 50% Data Back or use 50% Data Back during this period.

If you only renew your pack after the grace period (for example, after 14 days), your 50% Data Back allowance will remain there, ready to be used when you're on an active, eligible plan again. 

Does my 50% Data Back data accrue when I'm in my grace period? 

The grace period is the 14 days after the eligible pack has finished. Customers can't earn 50% Data Back or use 50% Data Back during this period.

  • 50% Data Back offer has been extended from 25 January to 3 May 2021. From 4 May - 28 June 2021 you will be able to use any accrued data back data, but no more data will accrue. After the end date, the data back data will disappear (“Offer Period”). 
  • Eligible Value Packs are Spark’s $19, $29, and $49 Prepaid Value Packs.
  • Every time selected data is used on an active eligible Value Pack, the customer will be credited the value of 50% of the used selected data back to their account. To view selected data usage, visit the Spark App.  
  • Customers are automatically opted in when they activate an eligible Value Pack during the offer period.
  • 50% Data Back data continues into the next value pack period when the customer reactivates their value pack during the offer period. 
  • Data allowances that will accrue data under the 50% Data Back offer (“Selected Data”)are:
    • $19, $29, $49 Value Pack data;
    • U25 data, and;
    • Data Stack allowance (only active if $19, $29 or the $49 Value Pack is also active, or otherwise in grace state).
  • Data allowances that won't accrue data under the 50% Data Back offer. For example, the following aren't selected data:
    • Socialiser data;
    • $79 Endless Value Pack data; 
    • Rollover data;
    • $20, $40 Data Lovers Packs;
    • Travel packs;
    • 2GB bonus data for six months extra data;
    • Roaming data;
    • Non-current data, and;
    • Bonus data.
  • On each eligible Value Pack, data will be used in the following order of priority:
    1. Socialiser: including free and paid;
    2. Pack data: this includes all eligible Value Packs, extras and bonus data. The data that expires first is used first.
    3. Data Stack. View Data Stack page
    4. 50% Data Back;
    5. Rollover data: Rollover data is used in the order that it was accumulated;
    6. Casual data: Once all the other data has been used, you'll begin to use data at the standard rate. View Standard Rates page