$6/4hrs Data Boost

Unlimited, Max Speed data for 4 hours with included hotspot.

Data usage does not count towards your total data usage on your mobile plan.

Data not shareable.

$9/4 weeks

1GB of four-weekly data to use on these apps: Facebook; Twitter; Messenger, and to stream music on Spotify.

Text "BUY 9SOCIAL" to 258
$10/24hrs Data Boost

Unlimited, Max Speed data for 24 hours with included hotspot. 

Data usage does not count towards your total data usage on your mobile plan. 

Data not shareable.

$5/4 weeks

100MB data

Text "BUY 5DATA" to 258
$20/4 weeks

1GB data

Text "BUY 20DATA" to 258
$23/4 weeks

2GB data

Text "BUY 23DATA" to 258

Spotify Premium with 50% discount

Spotify Premium*
$6.90/4 weeks


*The charge for 4 Weekly Half Price Spotify is $6.90, which is based on average annualised cost of Spotify Premium monthly subscription (RRP $14.99 per month) recalculated over a 28 day period. An eligible value pack must be purchased to qualify for this product.



50 NZ mins

Text "BUY 5TALK" to 258

250 NZ mins

Text "BUY 10TALK" to 258

Unlimited* NZ mins

Text "BUY 15TALK" to 258



100 NZ texts

Text "BUY 5TEXT" to 258

Unlimited* NZ texts

Text "BUY 10TEXT" to 258

NZ talk and text

$9/4 weeks

50 NZ mins

1000 NZ texts

Text "BUY 9TALKTEXT" to 258

International talk and text

$10/4 weeks

200 mins

100 texts

USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea

For use within NZ only, to any of the above countries. See T&Cs for more details.

Text "BUY 10INTL" to 258


$1/4 weeks

Unlimited voicemail access

Access to Spark Voicemail app

Text "BUY 1VOICEMAIL" to 258

Cancel extras

Text the extra code to 258 but replace 'BUY' with 'END'. You can also cancel it using the Spark app, or log into MySpark

Mobile extras expire after one month on Pay Monthly and after 28 days on Prepaid, unless stated otherwise. You can choose to buy an extra as a one off or set it to automatically renew on expiry. Prepaid extras can renew using your Prepaid credit balance or with a credit/debit card. To change the renewal options for your extras, use the Spark app or MySpark online.

International Talk and SMS

Includes minute and SMS allowances that can be used any time of the day for person to person calls and SMS messages from NZ, to any network in USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Spark Sharer Plans

If you are on a Spark Sharer plan, each Sharer can subscribe to an extra. If you are the lead Sharer, your Data extras (excludes Socialiser and 24hr Unlimited Data Boost) can be shared between mobile connections on the same account.

The Endless Mobile Plan provides you with Endless data to your mobile, but not to other devices. If you want the ability to use some data on other devices, you can purchase a Hotspot extra.

Hotspot extra

Allows you to hotspot your Endless Mobile Plan data to other devices for up to 30 days from purchase. Usage from the Hotspot extra counts towards your total data usage on your Endless Mobile plan. Speeds reduce at 1.2 Mbps after max speed data allowance exceeded. 

Can you buy more than one Hotspot extra in a month?

You can only buy one Hotspot extra per customer, per month.

Do I need to buy the Hotspot extra to tether on a plan that isn’t the Endless plan?

Our Endless Mobile plan offers Endless data to your mobile, so you need to buy the Hotspot extra if you want to use your data on other devices. Our other capped data plans allow tethering and hotspots, so you won’t need to buy the Hotspot extra.​

Does the Hotspot extra count towards the Endless Mobile Plan’s 40GB before speeds are reduced?

Yes, any usage from the Hotspot extra counts towards the 40GB. If you reach this and your speed is reduced it will also reduce the speeds to any Tethering or Hotspot device until either your next bill cycle or the Hotspot extra runs out whichever comes first.

Will the Hotspot extra auto renew every month?

The Hotspot extra like all our other extras defaults to a one off. You can turn this onto auto renew when you purchase this extra online or through the Spark App if you choose.

Will my Hotspot extra run on the same monthly cycle as my Endless Mobile Plan?

The Hotspot extra, like all our other Pay Monthly extras, will expire after one month from purchase. Depending on where you are in your Endless Mobile plan cycle, your Hotspot extra may not run on the same monthly cycle as your plan.

Spotify Premium Prepaid Mobile customers

Spotify Premium is available to customers on Spark Value Packs and Data Lover packs for $6.90 including GST per 28 days.

Data charges and Spotify terms apply. View Spotify Premium with Spark terms

What does my 1GB Socialiser give me access to?

Socialiser includes access to data on the Facebook, Messenger and Twitter apps, and for music streaming via the Spotify app. This leaves you free to use your plan data for whatever else you need. These inclusions apply to new and existing Socialiser customers. Spark Socialiser renews monthly on Pay Monthly, and four-weekly on Prepaid.

What happens when I have used up my 1GB Socialiser data allowance?

Standard data charges will apply after you use up the Socialiser 1GB. You will consume the data in your plan first. After that, usage will be at casual data rates. You can also buy additional Socialiser subscriptions for $9 – just text BUY 9SOCIAL to 258.

Do I have to access Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or Spotify though the apps or can I go through a web browser like Google Chrome?

Socialiser is only available when using the official application for Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Spotify from a compatible phone. Socialiser works only with official Android (2.1+ or later) and iOS (4 or later) operating systems.

Can I access Socialiser without using my plan data when I'm overseas?

Socialiser is for New Zealand domestic data traffic only. If you roam internationally you will incur normal data roaming charges.

Why have I used data from my plan when all I've done is access activity via the apps?

Socialiser data excludes Facebook SMS, other alert services and accessing video and content hosted on other sites. Access via any other means, including third party applications, will use existing data in your Pay Monthly or Prepaid plan. If no plan data is left, this access will incur additional data charges that apply to your plan. Additional data charges will also apply for any external links accessed via these apps.

Socialiser Spotify includes music-streaming only. Some functions within the Spotify app are excluded and will use data from your plan. These include:

  • Video streaming
  • Album artwork displayed on screen
  • Song downloads
  • Advertisements that the service providers insert into the app, for example, video ads or banner ads
  • Any analytics sent from the music provider to understand your music preferences and usage
  • Authentication, for example, when the app confirms your login

How much data does Spotify use?

The amount of data used depends on the quality option you set in the app. Normal quality (default): 1MB/min (17 hours of streaming to hit 1GB). High quality: 1.5MB/min.

How do I keep my Spotify usage data down?

  • Play music while on Wi-Fi to save on music streaming data
  • Download music when you have a connection, then listening in Offline mode when Wi-Fi isn't available
  • If you're streaming with 3G/4G, set the audio quality to Normal

Spark Socialiser Terms and Conditions apply