WiFi On-The-Go

Stay connected while you explore our beautiful country. WiFi On-The-Go gives you the convenience of WiFi wherever there's Spark mobile coverage, without tying up your mobile phone.

WiFi in the car

Keep the entertainment going on the road. Connect your devices with WiFi-On-The-Go.

WiFi at the holiday rental

No broadband at the holiday rental? Keep your connection to the outside world with WiFi On-The-Go.

WiFi at the campsite

Camping doesn't have to be all mozzies in your milo. Take WiFi wherever there's Spark mobile coverage with WiFi On-The-Go.

WiFi On-The-Go devices


Special offers

Exclusive offer for Endless Mobile customers


Offer available until 31 August 2021.

Add the $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan to your Endless Mobile account and get the $10 Personal Hotspot Extra free for 18 months.

This offer is only available to Spark customers on an Endless Mobile $59.99 or above plan, and only available from Spark Retail stores.

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$20 off the $69.99 Data plan for 18 months


Offer available until 31 August 2021.

Get the $69.99 Data Plan for just $49.99 /month for 18 months.   

  • Includes personal hotspot
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Important things to know

  • You'll need to be in Spark's 3G or 4G coverage areas for WiFi On-The-Go to work.
  • The $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan and the $69.99 Data Plan are designed for portable WiFi On-The-Go devices. They're not suitable for use as a home broadband plan.
  • WiFi-On-The-Go is best for personal device connectivity only on devices such as laptops and tablets. Large screen devices will consume data at a higher rate.
  • It's not recommended to connect high-data consumption devices (such as Smart TVs or gaming consoles), or to connect multiple users' devices at the same time.
  • The more devices you connect to WiFi at the same time, the more your experience will be negatively impacted. 
  • Max speeds will be reduced after 40GB to 1.2Mbps. This will impact your experience.

Spark NZ network coverage

Our network reaches 97.5% of New Zealanders.

The map indicates where we estimate our network coverage is available. Your experience may vary from the coverage shown depending on mobile capability, how it's used, and the local environment.

Coverage Options


Note: Coverage maps are updated on a monthly basis around mid-month. They may not reflect the coverage we have available today due to the timing of updates and the nature of coverage being predicted. Rural Connectivity Group (RCG) customers select "4G" in the options above to check your coverage. If you’re in a rural area and a nearby site has recently been activated you will see reception bars and the words "Spark NZ" displayed at the top of your mobile whilst you're located in the area you’re
expecting coverage and using an eligible device. For more information on coverage and compatibility please visit Spark's network coverage page at spark.co.nz/network