How it works

Stay in touch with your kid without having to give them their first smartphone. Perfect for ages 8–12, Spacetalk lets your kid call and send text messages and emojis straight from the watch.

You can customise it so it's distraction-free while your kid's at school or doing their homework. It can also take your security worries away as there's no social media or camera.

You can even geo-locate your kids right from your smartphone, thanks to the watch's GPS function. Download the AllMyTribe app for $6.99/month and you're good to go. 

Start your kid's experience with the digital world with Spacetalk.

Buy it for $299 from Spark stores or online below, then keep it connected 24/7 for just $7.99/month on our Pay Monthly Smart plan. No need to worry about talk, text or data balances. 

Spacetalk screens with calling, location and messaging

What can Spacetalk do?

Keep in touch

Stay in touch with your kid without the need for a smartphone. Your kid can call and send text messages and emojis to a contact list you choose and manage via the AllMyTribe app. 

Set a safe zone

Choose an area, such as school or home, as a safe zone. When your kid leaves this area, you'll get an alert straight to your phone letting you know they're on the move.

Send an SOS alert

In an emergency, there's a button on the side of the watch. When held, an SOS alert will go to all the contacts on your kid's watch, letting everyone know there's a problem.

Check on your kids

When your kid's at school or a mate's place, you can check on their location using the AllMyTribe app on your phone.