From Finland, with love: Nokia phones are designed for style and durability. They come with everything you rely on and nothing you don't need. Nokia's version of Android has no clutter or bloatware, just a pure experience that stays secure and gets better with time.

Key features

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Android One

Nokia smartphones with Android One come with a Google-designed, pure Android experience that's clean, intuitive and easy to navigate. Plus, you'll stay safe and up to date with regular software and security updates.

Bring your photos to life

Capture great photos whether you're inside or out. Better still, all Nokia smartphones come with free unlimited high-quality storage with Google Photos, so you'll never run out of space again (you'll need a Google account and an internet connection).

Long-lasting battery life

Behind the scenes, Nokia smartphones with Android One run a clean and responsive OS that prioritises background activity for your most important apps. To keep you going even further, your phone will even reduce power usage while it's in your pocket or bag.

Finnish design and heritage

Staying true to its heritage, Nokia smartphones combine stunning, detailed designs with quality craftmanship and materials. Bringing you the strength, simplicity and reliability you'd expect from a Nokia.