Am I 4G ready? - Free 4G - Why Ultra Mobile | Spark NZ

Ultra mobile. Get ready.

1. Choose the current mobile device you're using

Where can I get 4G?

Check the coverage at an address or explore the map

Ultra mobile. Get ready

3. Update your mobile

To enable 4G your mobile may require an update to it’s software. Follow the instructions that came with your mobile to update the system to the latest software.

Not sure about all this? Check out our help and device support

Note: We recommend you update your mobile device over Wifi connection to avoid excess data charges.

Update your mobile

Ultra mobile. Get ready

4. Summing it all up

You’re 2/3rds of the way there! You have a 4G capable mobile, you’ve checked you are in the coverage area and updated your software.

Now all you have to check is your SIM, so follow these steps to finish this wizard.

Is your phone on Spark's network?

After something else?

Data tools

Find out how much data you might use on 4G with our handy Data Tools.