These tools have been developed to help troubleshoot your broadband connections and email.

Broadband Assist

Broadband Assist is a self-help tool you can download free of charge to help with common Email, broadband set up and connection issues.

Broadband Assist is configured to work on a number of common operating systems and modems.

Once you have downloaded Broadband Assist it will empower you to resolve many common issues for yourself should a problems arise or if youneed to set up again after moving address.  

Remote Control

Remote control can be used to access Windows or Mac computers regardless of the modem type being used. This allows us to access your computer desktop and show you how to fix issues that may be quite hard to talk through over the phone.

Spark Broadband Assist

Spark Broadband Assistant & Remote Access are FREE to use for Spark Broadband customers.

The tools are compatible with the following Operating Systems, browsers IE 8-11, latest version of Chrome and Firefox and email clients:

Operating System / Browser

Supported OS and Browsers

Stand alone Remote Access works with the above operating systems including Apple Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10.

Email Systems

Email Client Icons

Note: Broadband Assist is only able to set up your @xtra.co.nz email address.

Modems supported

Huawei HG531 Modem
Huawei HG531s

Huawei HG630b

TG587n Modem
Technicolor TG587n

TG585 Modem
Thomson TG585

TG582n Modem
Technicolor TG582n

TG589vn Modem
Technicolor TG589vn

Download and Install the Spark Broadband Assist tool to help you get set up and sort out the most common broadband connection and email problems, keeping you connected when you most need to be.

Remote Access

Remote Access is a tool that allows us to assist you by accessing your computer desktop to check or configure our products and services.

When troubleshooting if our agent considers this necessary they will guide you through the necessary steps by asking you to follow this Remote Access link.

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