Spark have partnered with Yahoo! to provide you with a free email service.

This page will help you sign up to Yahoo Xtra email so you can get started and use your email. Most of the content here is about using Webmail - which is accessing your email inbox in your browser from the Yahoo! home page.

If you want to use an email application (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail) or check your emails on your mobile phone or tablet, check out Setting up Xtra email for the first time.

How do I use Yahoo Xtra Mail?

Yahoo! have some great tutorials on their website to help you get the most out of your Yahoo Xtra email. To make it easier to find them we've listed most of them here.

How do I keep my email safe?

We have some handy tips for keeping your email secure on

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Things to Know

  • Your Yahoo Xtra email inbox has unlimited storage. You can keep all of your emails!
  • There is no expiry date for your emails. However the Spam folder will be cleared after 30 days
  • The biggest email you can send or receive is 20MB
    Note: You can send and receive larger attachments by email using Dropbox, here's how!
  • You can send a single email to up to 100 contacts
  • You can send up to 500 emails each day
  • Read Yahoo Xtra Terms and Conditions for more details

Can't find what you're after? More information is available at Yahoo! Mail Help.

It's exciting times here at Spark Xtra email because we're in the process of bringing email home! This means that we need to undertake some maintenance to make sure things run smoothly when the time comes to hit the big green GO button.

Unfortunately we have to temporarily disable the ability to create new Xtra email accounts. We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Our new platform will be up and running in the New Year so check back then.

First we'll show you how to access your email through a web browser (webmail), later we'll show you how you can access your email from an application like Outlook or your mobile phone.

Logging in to Webmail

  1. Go to the Yahoo Xtra homepage
  2. Enter your full Xtra email address (i.e.
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click Sign in
    NOTE: For security purposes you may be presented with a CAPTCHA code you need to fill out to access your emails Image

Using Webmail

  1. Go to the Yahoo Xtra homepage
  2. Enter your full Xtra email address (e.g.
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click Sign in
    For security purposes you may be presented with a CAPTCHA code you need to fill out to access your emails.

Using an Email Application (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail etc)


You can have up to 10 Yahoo Xtra Sub Accounts. These can be used for your family or different household members so that they have their own email addresses. You also retain control of them from your main account, handy for those that have younger members in the family.

Disposable Email Address

If you need a separate email address for online forums and running online surveys but don't want to give out your main one, consider a Disposable Email Address. Email will be delivered to your Inbox, requires no setting up in Outlook and if it starts getting spam or you no longer need it, simply delete it.

Send email from a non-Xtra email address through Yahoo Xtra Mail

Before you are able to send emails from a non-xtra email address through Yahoo Xtra mail, you will need to set it up in your account and verify it.

  • Verifying non-Xtra email addresses in Yahoo Mail

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We have started contacting some Yahoo Xtra email users to help update their security settings (SSL) for Yahoo Xtra email. This is part of a wider series of security enhancements that Spark is making with Yahoo. SSL (secure sockets layer) is a standard used by most leading email providers and protects your messages while they travel between senders and receivers.

Go to Xtra or Domain Email Settings to find out more.


To deal with unsolicited and/or malicious email arriving into your webmail, your Yahoo Xtra account has a variety of defensive measures including SpamGuard and Virus Protection.

Yahoo Xtra Email Troubleshooting has more information on dealing with spam in Yahoo Mail.

Note: If you have your broadband or dial-up with us then you can also take advantage of our free Security Suite - check out our Premium Services for more.

For more security tips, check out Tech in a Sec.

You can change your email password by using our Change & Forgotten Password Form or by following the steps below.
You will also need to update your Yahoo Xtra email password on your mobile and any email applications on your computer - Update my Yahoo Xtra password in my Email Application.


  1. Visit
  2. Click Forgotten Password

  3. Enter your Xtra username and also the word in the picture shown

  4. Click Next
  5. Enter the registered Date of Birth, answer the registered secret question and specify your new password in the fields provided then click Next


    If you have any problems with your secret question or Date of Birth, please Contact Us and have your Spark Account number handy.
  6. The password reset has now completed. Ensure that all devices and applications using your username for email are updated with the new password. If these are not updated you may experience a security lockout from your Xtra account. This would be caused by devices trying to login with the previous, now incorrect password.

ImageRemember: Update your Yahoo Xtra email password on your mobile and any email applications on your computer - Update my Yahoo Xtra password in my Email Application


Secret Question or Incorrect Date of Birth

If your have forgotten the answer to your secret question, or suspect that it or your date of birth are incorrect, please Contact Us.

We will need to verify your details before we can solve this problem, so please also have your Spark account number handy.

Where can I find my account number?

Deactivate your Yahoo Xtra account

What will happen if I deactivate my Yahoo Xtra mail account?

You will lose access to:

  • Your email address
  • The entire content of your Yahoo! Xtra webmail account including inbox, sent items, attachments and contacts
  • Spark Premium Services e.g. McAfee anti-virus software

You will not be able to:

  • Receive any incoming email to this account including email alerts or verification requests for any online services you used this email address for e.g. TradeMe
  • Send any email from this account
How do I deactivate my Yahoo! Xtra mail account?.

You need to call us on 0800 22 55 98 to deactivate your Yahoo Xtra mail account. 

Deactivating your Yahoo! Xtra mail account will happen immediately. If you change your mind you have 30 days to contact us and we will restore access to your email address.  After 30 days you will no longer have an email account.

BEFORE you decide to deactivate your Yahoo Xtra mail account, you should ensure that any other services associated with it will still be available once it is deactivated. 

We recommend you:

  • Back up and save
    • Emails that you need
    • Address book/Contacts
    • Documents and/or other attachments
  • Change your anti-virus software
  • Clean up your account
    • Delete all email in all mail folders, all contacts in the address book

Your Yahoo Xtra account does include access to additional premium products and services, such as the Spark Security Suite. Access to these will also stop.
You may have used your Yahoo Xtra address to login in to other services e.g. TradeMe or Facebook, or as an alternate security verification email for other email products such as Gmail. You will need to change this.

What will happen to all the mail in my mailbox?
  • When you deactivate your Yahoo Xtra email account, all content available in your mailbox will be deleted at the time the deactivation request is processed. This includes all your emails (inbox, any sub-folders, sent items etc), photos, attachments, address book/contacts, etc.
  • Once deleted, all of this content will not be able to be retrieved.
What will happen to any email sent to my deactivated Yahoo Xtra address?

After we have processed your deactivate request, any email sent to your Yahoo! Xtra mail account - or any you have not yet downloaded - will not be delivered to you.  You will need to notify your contacts before deactivation.

What are the Premium Services I get with my Yahoo Xtra mail account?

As part of the Spark Premium Services package you get the following services. These will be terminated when you deactivate your Yahoo! Xtra mail account:

  • Spark Security Suite powered by McAfee, which includes 5 Free Spark Security Suite licenses.
My family/colleagues have Yahoo Xtra mail accounts off my account, what will happen to their email?

If you have any Sub Accounts set up for your family, friends or colleagues these will also be deactivated when you terminate your Yahoo Xtra email account. They will be deactivated immediately at the time your request to deactivate is processed.

We recommend you let the Sub Accounts users know before placing the deactivation request.

More information about Sub Accounts...  

I have several Yahoo Xtra mail aliases, what will happen to these?

Any aliases set up for your Yahoo Xtra email account, will also be deactivated when your deactivate request is processed.

We recommend you let the alias users know  before placing the deactivation request.

More information about aliases ..

Can I keep my Yahoo Xtra email address?

When you deactivate Yahoo Xtra mail you will no longer have the address and no one will be able to email you at that address.

You may instead decide to keep your Yahoo Xtra mail address and forward all incoming email to an alternate email provider of your choice.  You will need to set up a forwarding email address in your Yahoo Xtra mail webmail account so all email to your address is forwarded to your new email account.

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