There are a whole lot of things you can do with your Smartphone and you should be able to do all of this cool stuff with your data plan allowance.  As with calling and texting, the trick is to know which plan you are on and keep an eye on how much data you have used using the Smartphone App.  

Smartphone App

Keep track of your usage, purchase extras and top up your Prepaid account at the touch of your finger tips.

Download and Install the Smartphone App from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store for FREE.

Purchase Extras

To get a bit more out of your Pay Monthly or Prepaid mobile, just grab yourself an Extra.

Purchase Extras using the Smartphone App on your Smartphone, Online - Mobile Extras or by selecting Your Spark on your mobile.

Upgrade your plan

Need more data, text and voice minutes you can Upgrade your Mobile Plan to satisfy your needs.

Managing your data, voice and text plan

Checking your Usage

Check your data, text and voice usage:


Get free text alerts that let you know when you're getting close to using your plan's monthly data allowance.

Data Smart Caps

Data Caps is a great tool that helps you to control your monthly data spend on your mobile and remove the fear of using too much data or receiving an unexpected large bill

More about Data Smart caps

tips on saving your data


When you set up your email account on your phone you will be asked how often you would like your phone to automatically check for new emails. This is known as syncing. Have a look at your mobile user guide for altering your email settings.


WiFi hotspots

Pay monthly and $19 or $29 Prepaid Value Customers can connect to one of the 700 WiFi hotspots around NZ.

More about WiFi hotspots...


Home WiFi

When you're at home, your Smartphone can use your home wireless broadband to connect to the internet.  This is also useful if you have something large to download (e.g.: an app, a song, etc) or you have almost run out of mobile data for the month.

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