Device and modem recycling at Spark

At Spark we're committed to operating an environmentally sustainable business, and you can help by recycling your old telecommunication devices (mobile phones, mobile batteries, chargers and modems).

How you can help

What you can bring

  • Any old or unused mobile phones (batteries and chargers too)
  • All broadband modems
  • Corded and cordless landline phones
  • Laptops (preferably with chargers)
If possible, please wipe your data before you bring in your device. While every effort is made to clean out data during the recycling process, in some cases this isn't possible.

Where to bring it

Bring your old devices into any of our Stores or Business Hubs. Each store has a box for them to go in.

Note: Corporate customers should contact their Spark account team directly to make arrangements. 

What happens next?

Helping other Kiwis

Spark and Skinny have extended the recycling program to include old or unused Spark and Skinny wireless modems for use with Skinny Jump - our Skinny Jump programme helps our fellow Kiwis who are doing it tough get online.

Learn more about Skinny Jump

Working together

Spark is a member of the Telecommunication Forum’s (TCF) RE:MOBILE product stewardship scheme. The scheme takes unused mobile phones, and either refurbishes and on-sells them in overseas markets or recycles them. Any profits from the scheme are donated to the charity Sustainable Coastlines.

Learn more about RE:MOBILE

Smarter learning

Spark supports the Recycle A Device (RAD) scheme to collect and refurbish used laptops for students and others in need of a device.

Learn more about RAD