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Bring my number when I join Spark

Find out how to keep your existing mobile number when you join Spark.

Bring my number to a Spark SIM

  1. Buy a Spark SIM and/or mobile phone online or from a Spark store.
    1. Buy a SIM online
    2. Find a Spark store
  2. If you haven't used MySpark before, you'll need to create an account and add your Spark mobile to your account. Create a MySpark account
  3. Sign in to MySpark
  4. Select the Spark mobile number you want to replace. This will take you to the mobile details page.
  5. Go to the Connection info section and select Bring your number from the menu.
  6. On the Bring your number page, complete the form.
    1. If you're moving from a Pay Monthly plan you'll need your account number from your old provider
    2. If you're moving from Prepaid you'll need your SIM card number from your old provider
  7. You will receive a mobile port confirmation text from 2542. We will send this to your existing SIM card within 15 minutes of processing your order. This extra layer of security prompts you to approve the request by responding with a “Yes” or “Y” within two hours of receiving the text message. This must be done for the order to be completed. The mobile port confirmation text will read:

    ACTION REQUIRED: We have received a request to move your mobile [Numberxxx] to another provider. To proceed reply YES to this message within 2 hours. If you didn't request the move then reply NO, or ignore this message and it will be cancelled. From NZ Telecommunications Forum (TCF)"
    • If you have ordered a SIM card, it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive the mobile port confirmation text. It is sent between 8am to 5pm.
    • If you do not respond with approval within two hours of receiving the text message, the order will be cancelled.
    • If you are entering this on behalf of an employee, it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of the mobile port confirmation text. They will need to respond with approval within two hours of receiving the text message before we can complete the order.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message once your number has been ported to Spark. We will send this to your specified email or mobile number. Once you receive this message, you can insert or activate your new Spark SIM and start using it.

  9. If you need more help, message our team. Message us

You can keep using your old SIM until we let you know the transfer was successful. Remember to pay all outstanding charges you may have with your previous provider. Find out how to swap your Spark number to a new Spark SIM

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