Add Customerlink to your business landline | Spark Business


Customerlink basics

  • You can divert your landline phone number to another number.
  • The number you divert to isn't at a physical address.
    If you're moving out of your current area, you can divert calls without changing your number.
  • You can divert up to 63 calls.
  • If you want to disconnect your number, but still use Customerlink, check your contract. Terms and conditions apply

Residential and business

You can divert your calls to:

  • A landline, toll-free number or mailbox number.
  • A call minder.
  • No diversion. You keep your number, but no calls will come through.

Business only

You can divert your calls to:

  • An InfoAnswer or FaxAdvantage mailbox on your phone line.
  • A mobile number.
  • An international number. Business international rates apply.

Available almost immediately

We can set up Customerlink within 24 hours and automatically redirect your calls. Customerlink can also divert more than one call at a time, unless the number the call is diverted to is busy. 


Customerlink costs just $20.85 a month (+GST).

What else you should know…

  • Normal local, national, international call charges apply to the redirected portion of the call.
  • Customerlink can be used to divert all incoming calls to a mobile phone for up to 12 months if:
    • There is a fault on your business or residential telephone line and Customerlink Mobile Diversion is the only alternative available to maintain your telephone service. 
    • You have applied for a Spark telephone line to be installed and we are not able to install the line right now.
    • Local calls will be charged at 5.12c per minute peak (7am to 10pm) and 1.11c per minute off peak (10pm to 7am) if you're one of our residential customers. 
  • Any charges resulting from call redirections are paid for by you, not the caller.
  • Spark requires 30 days' notice of cancellation of this Smartphone service. This means the usual charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period.
  • Please note that in some cases this service may not be available or is limited due to network constraints and incompatibility with other products and services.