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Call Waiting

If you get a lot of calls, or you're expecting an important call, it's good to know if someone else is trying to reach you.

Call Waiting tells you if another call is coming in – all for just $3.99 a month (+ GST)

What are you waiting for?

Call Waiting is a great service for people running a business from home, or if your office takes plenty of calls.

  • If you're on the phone and someone rings you, you'll hear four short beeps. You can then choose whether or not you answer this second call
  • You can switch from one call to the other just by pressing the 'flash' or 'recall' button. Your other caller will just hear the normal ringing tone until you talk to them
  • To return to the first caller, simply press the 'flash' or 'recall' button again and you will be able to continue your original conversation

What else you should know…

  • Call Waiting may not be available or limited due to network constraints and incompatibility with other products and services.
  • Once you sign up, you need to give us 30 days' notice if you want to cancel the service.