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Call Minder – voicemail for your office phone

Now you can have an answer for everyone. In fact, with Call Minder, you won't ever miss a call again.

Call Minder greets your callers on your behalf and invites them to leave you a message. You can then listen to your messages when you get off the phone, get back from what you've been doing, or just have a moment to do so in your busy day.

Your messages are secure and confidential as you can only hear them if you know the PIN number. You can also listen to your messages any time from almost any phone as long as you know your PIN number.


Call Minder costs $3.99 a month + GST. Calling into your mailbox costs the same as making any other phone call.

How do I order Call Minder?

If you want to order Call Minder, or if you’d like just a little bit more information before making a decision – simply call us on 126 or see our call minder info page.