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Learn about common Xtra Mail issues

We've completed a big email switchover. Find out how to solve issues you're facing due to the Xtra Mail move.

Can't send/receive emails from my Xtra Mail account

Access your email through Webmail

  • If you can't get your emails through an email app, you'll still be able to get them through Webmail.
  • Sign in to using your Xtra email address and password. Sign in now

Update your email settings

  • Find out if you need to update your email settings, and how to do so. Find out more
  • If you can't remember your email password, you can reset it. Reset password

Your email app or operating system may need updating

  • We've tightened up our email security. Some email apps or operating systems may use outdated security. This may be why you can't send or receive emails.
  • Update your email app or operating system to make sure it has the latest security in place.
  • This is the security information we support and don't support. Check with your app or operating system provider to see what they use.
    • We support 1024- and 2048-bit AES ciphers (disguised information). TLS1.0 and higher protocols are also supported.
    • We don't support SSL2 and SSL3. We also don't support the RC4 cipher.

Note: Windows XP doesn't support higher than RC4. If you use Windows XP with a native Windows product like Outlook, you may not be able to connect.

Can't send emails from a non-Xtra email address

  • If you’re using an email app, and you can't send emails from your non-Xtra email address, we’ll need to fix this for you.
  • Contact us with your Xtra Mail email address and the non-Xtra address that's not working. We'll get it sorted it in the next two working days.
  • You can't use Webmail to send from a non-Xtra email address right now. We're working on this and it should be an option soon.

Email app is saying my password is wrong

Some emails are bouncing or going missing

  • Our new email provider uses a security policy called SPF (Sender Policy Framework).
  • SPF authorises which servers can send emails on their behalf.
  • With this in mind, here's a few reasons why your emails could be bouncing or missing:

You've got auto-forwarding set up

  • Some security policies don’t allow emails to be auto-forwarded.
  • Try removing auto-forwarding from your Xtra Mail account.

You're sending as a non-Xtra email address

  • Check to see if the emails that are bouncing have a non-Xtra email address as the sender.
  • If they do, and you want to send emails from your non-Xtra address, you should use your domain’s own server to send emails.
  • You could also add the words include or in the domain’s SPF record. Xtra's server will then have permission to deliver emails on behalf of your domain.

A suspended message appears when trying to sign in to my Xtra Mail account on Yahoo

  • Your email's move to the new platform is complete.
  • Go to to sign in to your Xtra Mail inbox. Sign in now

Duplicate emails in inbox

  • You may see emails in your inbox twice if you use POP3 settings and have mail set to save on the server. These emails will be ones you've received since the switchover.
  • To remove the duplicates, sort by date and unread emails, then delete the double-ups.
  • This issue will stop now that the switchover is complete.

Missing calendar events

  • Any changes you made to recurring calendar events in Yahoo won't show in your Xtra Mail account.
  • The original event will show up as normal.
  • In your Xtra Mail mailbox, you can change or delete any recurring events.

Blank email in my inbox

  • An email that was corrupt in your Yahoo email inbox will show with no sender, recipient, or body text in Xtra Mail.

Missing distribution list/group contacts

  • We haven't migrated distribution lists from Yahoo.
  • You can create new distribution lists in your Xtra Mail address book. Find out more

Bulk mail folder

  • Any spam from your old Yahoo account will show in a bulk mail folder in your Xtra Mail mailbox.
  • Any new spam will go into the spam folder.
  • If you're missing an email, check the bulk mail folder.

Two draft folders

  • Old Yahoo drafts will be in the drafts folder. Once you've moved any emails in this folder you want to keep, you can delete this folder. Any new drafts will save in the new draft folder going forward.

Combine non-Xtra email accounts in Xtra Mail

  • You can't access your other emails through Webmail any more.
  • If you still want to combine your email accounts, you can do that through an email app instead of Webmail.

Disposable addresses set up on Yahoo

  • Any disposable addresses set up on Yahoo don't appear on the new platform.
  • Xtra Mail gives you up to 11 mailboxes, with up to five different aliases for each.
  • Aliases serve the same purpose as a disposable address. Find out more
  • To set up an alias, sign in to and go to the menu in the top right corner. The menu looks like three lines stacked on top of each other. From the menu, select My account.

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