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Reset my Xtra Mail password

If you forget your Xtra Mail password, or you want to set up a new one, follow these steps to create a new password.

If you know your existing Xtra Mail password, or you can access your emails

  1. Sign in to Webmail
  2. Select the menu icon. This looks like three lines stacked on top of each other. It's in the upper right corner.
  3. Select My account from the dropdown menu.
  4. Go to the Password and security tab.
  5. Select Password.
  6. Type in your current password.
  7. Type in a new password.
  8. Type in your new password into the confirmation screen and select Next.
  9. When you see the green confirmation message, select Back to inbox. This will be above Manage this email account.

If you have forgotten your Xtra Mail password

  1. Go to the Webmail sign in page
  2. Select Forgotten password?
  3. Type in your Xtra Mail email address, eg,
  4. Select the Next button.
  5. The account recovery options that you have set up will appear. These include mobile number, recovery email address or use your security questions.
  6. Select the recovery option you'd like to use:

Mobile or recovery email address

  1. Select Mobile or Recovery email address.
  2. You'll be sent a four digit code via text (for mobile) or email (for recovery email address).
  3. Type this code in and select confirm.
  4. Type in a new password.
  5. Retype your new password and select Confirm.
  6. Select Sign in to go to your inbox.

Use your security questions

  1. Select Use your security questions.
  2. Answer your questions correctly and select Confirm.
  3. Type in a new password.
  4. Retype your new password and select Confirm.
  5. Select Sign in to go to your inbox.

Note: Check all devices you get your Xtra Mail emails on to make sure the password changed. Check that your Xtra Mail password changed for any email app you use, such as Outlook or Mac Mail.

If you haven't set up your account recovery options yet, you can do it now. Learn how to set them up now

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