Streamline your voice communications with VOIP – a high quality, hosted voice access and calling control solution. Based in the cloud, VOIP is fast being recognised as a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to maintaining an onsite PBX.

VOIP seamlessly integrates mobile and fixed calling to a single environment. Businesses with mobile workers benefit because people only need to have one number and one voicemail, plus a common dialling plan makes it easy to stay in touch.

With VOIP you can tailor the service to fit individual needs, assigning fixed profiles for those who are desk-based, mobile profiles for those that work out in the field, and combined fixed and mobile profiles for those who do both. This means your staff can each get the functionality they need – while you don’t need to pay for more capability than you require. In addition, your staff can easily manage their call set-up and routing through the online portal, a desktop toolbar and a mobile phone client.

VOIP easily integrates with your onsite data connectivity and managed data services so you can share a single physical access connection and router, for cost and service management efficiency.

Key features

  • Integrates your calling into a single environment and dialling plan.
  • Unlimited, free calling between any of your fixed or mobile VOIP users.
  • A range of calling profiles to meet specific business requirements and team calling needs – fixed, mobile, fixed/mobile and basic.
  • Options to add automated attendant, ACD queuing and receptionist call management features.
  • End-to-end service management from professionally trained and certified support teams.
  • An online portal and desktop toolbar for effective call management.

We make it easy to stay in touch

We provide the flexibility and scalability to support growth without you having to pay for what you don’t need.

  • Boost team collaboration and customer service with seamless integration between mobile and fixed communications.
  • Reduce risk of cable damage and site catastrophe with your voice services hosted in the cloud as opposed to an on-site PBX.
  • Improve business continuity with re-routing of calls if connection is interrupted.
  • Drive cost down by removing the need for CAPEX investment and the hardware maintenance of an onsite PBX.
  • Increase agility by scaling up or down according to your business needs.
  • Increase sustainability with cloud-based calling and by removing the need to power/cool an on-site PBX.
  • Create efficiencies with a single point of service accountability and a single bill for both fixed and mobile services.
  • Have peace of mind that our robust IP network with redundancy provides a similar level of reliability as the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
  • Simplify systems by seamlessly integrating your voice access and router with managed data services.
  • Easily access future enhancements, such as high definition video and staff collaboration tools.

Get the flexibility of the standard telephone network with additional high-quality, fast and reliable digital transmission.

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network

Put another way, it's Spark's digital switched service which can transmit voice, video and data from one location to another. And it’s called "Integrated" because, by connecting readily available ISDN devices, many applications can be supported.

Typically these include:

  • Connecting digital PABX's to the telephone network
  • LAN and WAN interconnections
  • Videoconferencing
  • Voice and Data applications over the same access line
  • Leased line backup
  • PABX Call Centres
  • Corporate Voice and Data Networks

Spark ISDN offers you the best of both worlds - the flexibility and reach of the public telephone network, combined with high quality, digital transmission that was previously only available on leased services.

How does IDSN work?

We offer two types of ISDN line access – Basic and Primary:

Basic Rate Access (BRA) - provides two data or voice lines. You can connect it to a PABX, or with appropriate interface equipment, up to eight devices (telephone, computer and fax) can be connected, and any two can operate at the same time.

Over one normal telephone line, Basic Rate ISDN provides two 64 kbit/s channels into your premises, which can be used to transmit voice, image, video or data calls.

A signaling channel, called the “D” channel, controls the set up and operation of the two faster communication, or “B” channels, enabling two simultaneous independent calls over the two “B” channels. With additional equipment, these two channels can be combined for higher transmission speeds.

You can connect up to eight pieces of equipment such as faxes, printers, telephones or computers on your single Basic Rate connection (this will require some additional S-Bus cabling).

One directory number comes as standard with Basic Rate ISDN, and a total of eight directory numbers may be assigned using the Multiple Subscriber Number service.This means callers can dial up eight different devices via the two 64 kbit/s channels. Calls can be made and received from the public telephone network as well as ISDN subscribers. In most cases your existing telephone line can be converted to ISDN. Spark connects the necessary equipment at the exchange and a Network Terminator (NT) at your premises. This includes an RJ45 telephone socket so you can connect your ISDN compatible equipment.
For equipment that is not ISDN compatible, you will need a terminal adapter (TA) to convert the ISDN signal for recognition by your equipment.

Primary Rate Access (PRA) - 30 data or voice circuits, predominantly for voice and data access to medium/large PABXs

Primary Rate ISDN provides up to thirty 64 kbit/s channels on a single access connection. Each channel can independently carry voice, data and video signals to and from different sites. A single “D” channel can control up to four Primary Rate connections.

Primary Rate is delivered on a 2 Mbit/s G.703 digital link via a terminal regenerator. A standard connector (BNC) is provided to connect your router, bridge or telephone system to the Spark Network.

What else you should know

ISDN is not available on all exchanges. All connections are subject to a feasibility study to ensure network capacity and suitability.

The business challenge

With markets rapidly changing and becoming more global in nature, staying competitive in business requires adaptability. Businesses that have the edge are using advanced communication and technology tools to drive efficiencies and increase collaboration between their people, partners and clients.

Standard business lines or ISDN delivered over copper may still to do the job for some, but with the explosion of technology, social networking and fibre, it won’t be long before they have the need to modernise voice access connections to drive their business forward.

The emergence of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has brought together telephony and computing to enable new, more efficient ways of communication using data – unified communicationications, CRM, social media, high definition video and web services for example.

What is Voice Connect?

Voice Connect provides a high quality SIP trunking service that opens the door to these more advanced communication and collaboration tools. It offers the speed, security, latency, bandwidth and integration you need to remain competitive.

Technically speaking, it’s a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enabled service that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. It connects to an in-house or hosted PBX – hence the term ‘SIP Trunking’ – and is powered by the highly resilient Broadsoft VoIP platform.

Key features

  • A voice access connection that uses a robust and highly resilient network
  • Multiple Services over a Single Access (MSSA) capability – meaning you can place voice and data on the same access circuit
  • Disaster recovery diversion options to ensure business continuity
  • Around the clock service management

How can Voice Connect help my business?

By choosing Voice Connect your business will:

  • Boost collaboration with more efficient management of unified communications through the use of SIP
  • Help save time and money by using a single access circuit and router for both voice and data
  • Reduce the risk of non-performance as you will be using a high quality and robust SIP service from a leading ICT provider
  • Stay in control with diversity and failover options
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your voice access connection is being delivered, managed and monitored 24/7
  • Gain efficiencies with a single point of management and accountability – and one bill for both your fixed and mobile services
  • Increase agility by scaling voice access needs up or down
  • Position your business for tomorrow’s SIP-based services

It’s good for business

Voice Connect provides you the voice connectivity you require to remain competitive. This SIP link to your PBX is a secure, resilient and cost effective service that will help you to increase your business communication and collaboration.

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