Sort your Spark business bill online with Cost Manager | Spark NZ

Benefits and features

The Cost Management Product Suite enables you to analyse your Spark bill online, delivering visibility and options to manage your telecommunications costs.


  Cost Manager Summary Cost Manager Monthly
Access to multiple accounts
Drill down into individual call detail records from Summary reports
Summary reporting in table or graph format
Export statements to PDF and CSV formats
Fixed and Mobile Data available
Outbound call records reporting only
PDF Invoice
Additional report online storage (Chargeable add on)
Bespoke Reporting (Chargeable add on)
Training (Chargeable add on)
Hierarchy creation for cost allocation reporting
Hierarchy creation reporting
Create personalised reports (both Summary and Detailed reports)
Multiple user access
Monthly (post bill) call data


Help with key business decisions

Tired of receiving multiple pages (or boxes) of information that is complex to understand? Turn your billing data into vital business intelligence for informed decision making. The data mining and reporting capabilities found in the Cost Management Product suite give you unprecedented insight into your expenditure. Track exactly what's happening in your organisation with the press of a button, and use this information to make changes to save your business money.

Help with financial assessment

See at a glance how much (and where) you are spending money. With instant access to your information 24/7, the Cost Management Product suite give you a cost effective and efficient way to manage your telecommunications spend. Simplify your reconciliation process with automated statements and reports. What's more, this web based application is easily integrated into your existing business processes.