Dialing up efficiencies at Aspiring walls

Aspiring Walls is an institution in home decorating, based in Porirua, with over 25 employees servicing customers in New Zealand and across Australia. For over 50 years it has been manufacturing and supplying wallpapers to the NZ market, and has one of the most comprehensive ranges for both commercial and residential decorating supplies, be it wallpaper or murals.

Running the company is the Macdonald family, who stepped up when the business was threatened with closure during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Neil and his wife Tanya have brought a new lease of life to the business Neil has worked in for nearly 40 years, calling in the local Spark Business Hub, Hutt-Porirua, help with some of their changes.

One of the first priorities was updating the phone systems: the old ISDN-based system had simply become uneconomical to maintain and lacked the ability to integrate with their mobile phones without expensive add-ons.

As Neil, the General Manager, puts it, "... the distraction of needing to upgrade our phone system was almost a bridge too far. Abbie from Spark came in and very quickly was able to show the solution of Cloud Phone. She then moved us through the various stages in a professional and timely manner right through the transition from ISDN to Cloud Phone."

Spark helped Aspiring Walls migrate to a Cloud Phone system, integrating a new conference phone system and long-range portables for the warehouse. The Cloud Phone also allows the staff to divert calls to mobile phones all while using their existing 0800 number. The Aspiring Walls team has already enjoyed more flexibility in managing call queues and, better yet, base costs are down 40%.

From Neil's point of view, "The solution is fantastic and allows us to make changes easily and quickly as our business requires. It is especially helpful for the customer service part of our business, which is extremely important for us to have great relationships with our customers.

To find out how Cloud Phone systems could add value to your business talk to your local Spark Hub team, or call us on 0800 110 062.