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How does Spark's Business Internet Service work?

Business internet services diagram

With Business Internet Service you're only sharing bandwidth with Business Internet Service customers - both business and consumer traffic share the same bandwidth on Business Broadband

  • Most customers use a standard broadband or business broadband plan. Data between their device and the internet use the same network as everyone else. This creates potential for congestion. It's like cars on a busy motorway. 
  • Business Internet Service customers have their own network for devices using the internet. That means they'll only be sharing with other users on Business Internet Service. This results in less congestion as there are less users on the network. It's like a dedicated bus lane on the motorway.
  • Internet Services Premium is an upgraded version of Business Internet Service. The user has their own direct network to the internet. It's having your own motorway.

Internet traffic that's prioritised for business


If your business broadband is struggling to cope with your internet traffic, talk to us about our Business Internet Service.

Business Internet Service is a high-speed, reliable internet offering with enterprise SLAs and service hours, compared to standard business broadband products. The service limits data congestion by keeping Business Internet Service traffic separate from consumer broadband traffic.

Oakleys Plumbing Services Ltd have harnessed Cloud Managed Network - Meraki and Business Internet Service to level up their business.

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Why choose Spark's Business Internet Service?

Business Internet Service is dedicated to achieving both operational and cost efficiency.

Business Internet Service supports digital and cloud hosted platforms for end users who are looking for:

  • High speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Connectivity

Spark’s Business Internet Service provides cost effective, secure internet connectivity that offers a superior experience and better reliability than traditional business broadband.
By separating Business Internet Service traffic from broadband customer traffic, it reduces slow connection speeds due to congestion, providing you with a fast broadband experience.

This highly flexible internet service can be used as standalone enterprise-grade connectivity to the internet or as an underlay for our Cloud Managed Network portfolio



Economical business grade internet with superior experience and reliability compared to that of traditional business broadband.


Complements other connectivity solutions including Cloud Managed Network or as a standalone internet service.

Device flexibility

Any modem may be used with Business Internet Service provided the equipment and software is set up to our specifications to interface with the service.

Product options

Bandwidth options

Starting from best efforts and goes all the way up to 5Gbps.

Connectivity options

Supports both copper and business grade Fibre to connect customer locations to the internet.

Extended Service Hours options

Standard service hours are 7am-7pm Monday-Friday. Upgrade to get 24/7 coverage.


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