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Get your IT sorted with $200 off IT services with Spark IT partners when you join Business Flexible Broadband by 30 November 2021.


Spark has a network of IT partners across New Zealand to help your business succeed in the digital landscape. Call us today to discuss your IT needs and let us help you build your business. Details and terms


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Terms and Conditions - Spark $200 Off IT Partner Services Offer

What terms apply

  1. In addition to these offer terms, Spark’s $200 off Spark IT Partner Services offer (“offer”) is also subject to:
    • Spark’s Business Flexible Broadband terms.
    • The eligible Spark IT partner’s terms as detailed when requesting specific IT services.
  2. To redeem the $200 off, the relevant Spark IT Partner services must be billed through your Spark Business Account:

Who can get this offer

  1. Subject to the exclusions and requirements below, this offer is available to new and existing Spark business customers who sign up to one any Spark Business Flexible Broadband plans between 6 October and 30 November 2021 (“eligible plan”). For clarity, this offer is not available in conjunction with any consumer broadband plans. Must be purchased on a business account.


  1. This offer is not available to Spark’s enterprise customers. Speak to your Spark Representative to confirm if you are an enterprise customer.

Redeeming the offer

  1. To redeem the offer the customer must receive the full $200 value of IT services with a Spark IT partner by 30 November 2022.
  2. As a Spark customer you will be introduced to your eligible IT partner by your Spark representative.
  3. Services offered by our IT Partners include:
    • Managed IT Services
    • Cloud services
    • Data Management
    • Security solutions
    • Infrastructure support
    • Professional Services
    • Sourcing (Software and Hardware)
    • Website / APP development and hosting
    • IT health checks/audits
  4. Spark IT Partners are:
    • Acronym
    • Baycom
    • Entire IT
    • Global Digital Solutions
    • Interesting Developments
    • iT360
    • JV Systems
    • Loop ICT
    • Manage IT
    • Millennium Technology
    • Ohnyx IT Solutions
    • pcMedia
    • Scope IT
    • Think Concepts

Customer information

  1. By redeeming this offer, the customer agrees that:
    • Its business contact details will be provided to a Spark IT Partner.
    • Its business contact details and account number will be supplied to a Spark IT partner to assist with any setup requirements and to allow for billing.

Application of the discount

  1. On the customer’s invoice, there will be a charge for the IT services rendered with the $200 value subtracted from the invoiced amount.


  1. Limit of 1 $200 credit per eligible connection.
  2. This offer cannot be combined with any other Spark Business Broadband offer except those expressly stated as applying in conjunction with this offer.