OPPO is a leading global smartphone brand, relentlessly in pursuit of the extraordinary. Enjoy working on OPPO’s latest technologies with the A, R and F series. With advanced image-processing technology and fast-charge capability to enhance productivity, OPPO is making premium smartphones accessible for all Kiwis.

OPPO Find N3 key features

Go big, stay light

Say hello to the next generation of foldable phone. The screen might be larger than life, but the "barely there" weight makes it a joy to carry around. This slim, foldable phone delivers a feel-good factor, fitting effortlessly in your hand and your pocket.

67W SUPERVOOCTM 4805mAh large battery - always ready to go

Flash charging gets you ready to rock in no time, and the large battery will keep you on track all day.¹

Unleash the magic of expansive perspectives

This Ultra-Wide camera accommodates all that you envision, allowing you to take a bigger picture that exceeds your imagination.

Hasselblad Colour Recognition

Coloured for authentic artistry Indulge in the intricate and vibrant tapestry of the world, with authentic, natural colour that breathes life into every image.²

Multi-Angle FlexForm Camera

Be free - with FlexForm Explore all sorts of interesting angles and hands-free photography thanks to the creativity offered by the unique FlexForm Camera setup.³

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

Flagship performance, for longer. Don't let lags, jitters, jumps and battery drain interrupt your flow. The powerful chipset gives you all the sizzle you need, plus increased power efficiency makes each charge last longer.⁴


  1. OPPO Find N3 supports adapters with 67W SUPERVOOCM™ power output. The charging input current can reach the current corresponding to 67W, but please note that there is some voltage loss from the adapter to the phone. The typical capacity of OPPO Find N3 is 4,805mAh and the rated capacity is 4,680mAh. OPPO Find N3 uses two series-connected cells (typical capacities are 3,295mAh and 1,510mAh; rated capacities are 3,210mAh and 1,470mAh), powering the phone with a total capacity of 4,805mAh.
  2. Only Pro Mode of the native Camera app supports Hasselblad Colour Recognition.
  3. OPPO Find N3 supports semi-folded display at an angle range of 45°–125°. The angle may vary in actual use due to different usage environments, time of use, and production lots among other factors.
  4. The data for Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 is provided by the official Qualcomm® website.

Prices exclude GST. Offer ends 29 July 2024 or while stocks last. Subject to credit checks. Must be on an eligible in-market $65 or above Business Pay Monthly Mobile plan for the duration of the interest free term to receive total monthly account save credits. Max one device credit per mobile plan. Plan prices subject to change. Spark interest free payment terms, mobile terms & credit criteria apply. Spark interest free payment terms, mobile terms & credit criteria apply.