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Spark IT are specialists in key business needs like security, continuity, data backup and productivity. We offer a one-hour consultation*, on us, to establish how we can help your business before you make any commitments. Get in touch today.


Call your local hub for a no-obligation consultation.*

Are you a Spark corporate or enterprise customer? Please contact your customer lead or call 0800 482 299.

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*One-hour consultation terms and conditions

This is a discussion/advice session and it excludes the following:

  • Fixes or changes to any existing IT issues such as printers, servers, phones, networking or wireless. Installation or configuration of any IT equipment, hardware or software. Additional onsite visits beyond one (1) visit.
  • Consultation available to new or existing Spark business customers only, not eligible to Spark Consumer or Digital/Enterprise customers. 
  • We will make best endeavours to hold the consultations in person but reserve the right to hold them over video call where best suited to do so. 

The consultation will be a verbal discussion session only, and does not include provision of written materials, unless Spark IT agrees otherwise. Any information collected during the consult will be used for the purpose of the consult and used in order to provide future services or deleted in accordance with Sparks privacy policy.

We reserve the right to reduce the length of the consultation due to discussions breaching the above exclusions or discussions reach a point to which there is no more value to be added.