Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Like changing homes, changing offices can be a complex and challenging experience for many businesses. But with the right service provider, it can be smooth as silk – as was the case for Watson Marlow.

Watson Marlow is a world leader in innovative fluid management solutions, providing sustainable pump solutions to industries worldwide, including pharmaceutical, waste management and automotive. Headquartered in the UK, Watson Marlow also distribute pumps, valves, and hoses to the New Zealand market, where they have a team of just three.

During the move of their office to a neighbouring building, Walter Du Plooy, Sales Manager at Watson Marlow, got in touch with their Spark Account Manager, Lilantha Senathilake, at Business Hub South Auckland. As changing offices was an opportunity to assess their current technology needs and identify any gaps or potential improvements, Lilantha took on the challenge with aplomb.

Once Lilantha’s team had relocated the existing broadband connection to the new property, attention turned to the wider IT needs for the business. Watson Marlow’s IT ecosystem is managed offshore, with their group base located in Singapore. “We identified that the customer needed assistance with planning and moving IT equipment and their service. They’d also need to reconfigure the hardware,” Lilantha explains. “As the overseas team couldn’t be here in person, they were keen to have a local company provide support.”

Spark arranged for IT provider Acronym to assess Watson Marlow’s IT requirements. Acronym contacted the Singapore office to understand the wider IT landscape. This meant that any complexities from the IT base could be considered during the relocation. 

For Watson Marlow, the transition to the new office went smoothly. Many multi-national businesses have difficulty finding local support with the required level of expertise. This is often because the set ups can be quite complex, non-standard and not known by current users. Spark’s role as a single service provider has meant that all Watson Marlow’s needs were catered to, without needing to involve multiple providers. It also ensured that business efficiency wasn’t compromised.

As part of the office move, Acronym changed the computer IP address and upgraded the servers to a cloud-based solution. Storing documentation in the cloud offers more flexibility, innovation and heightened security. It also means that, if a machine becomes infected, documents can be recovered. The team at Spark also identified that the landlines were over copper cable. Together with BayCom, Spark’s National IT Partner, work began to upgrade these. As part of the upgrade, Spark implemented a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) cloud-based solution. This solution offers greater flexibility, is more efficient and keeps confidential information secure.

“With VoIP, the customer receives the full functionality you receive on a PABX system (Private Automatic Bank Exchange),” Lilantha explains. “It also provides access from computers and mobiles, offering mobility and easy access for customers, even in remote working situations.”

“Lilantha and his team made moving to another office smooth,” Walter explains. “There were quite a few technical requirements, do’s and don’ts, but I didn’t have to worry. The team at Spark sorted it all out, and we were settled into our new office nice and easily.”

Now that the business has settled into their new offices, they’re planning for the future. In particular, the team are looking at system improvement and upgrades while aligning with the wider business in Singapore. Spark’s role as a single service provider has meant that all Watson Marlow’s needs were catered to, without needing to involve multiple providers, and Spark will continue to be there to support their tech needs.

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