Add more, save more

With Team Up, the more people you add under your customer number – the more you save. Starting at a 20% discount with two Team Up eligible plans, you can save up to 35% with Team Up. Better yet, these savings aren't a one-off, you'll save every month. 


Team Up discounts

Who's in your team?

If you're ready to Team Up with your work colleagues – we've got savings ready for you.

Your team can include staff, partners or anyone associated with your business. If you want, you can even add friends or family members. Plans can be set up as separate accounts and still benefit from the same group discount. Just note, Team Up brings other people's services under your customer number, which means you’ll be responsible if they don't pay.

Just the two of you

Save 20% when you Team Up with another colleague.

You and two others

Save 30% when you and two others Team Up together.

You and three or more

Save 35% when you Team Up with three or more people at work.

How does Team Up work?

1. Pick your team

You know your people best, so pick who you're going to Team Up with.

2. Pick your plans

Choose the mobile plan that is best suited to each person.

3. Start saving

Save big on Team Up eligible mobile plans every month.

Ready to Team Up?

If you're already with Spark, head to MySpark to choose your Team Up eligible plans. New to Spark? Scroll down to view our Team Up eligible plans and join Spark.

Book a call with your local business hub, or sign in to MySpark.

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Go to MySpark

Check out our Team Up eligible plans

Save 35% per person

Endless Mobile Plan icon

Business Endless Plan

50GB data at max speed. Endless data at reduced speed.*

Save $22.75/month on each plan.

Endless Mobile Plan icon

Endless Plan

Unlimited data at max speed.**

Save $27.39/month on each plan.

{"newVAS/item0/./image":"/content/dam/spark/images/product-images/subscriptions/Spotify/spotify-icon.png","newVAS/item0/./text":"<br><b>Spotify Premium</b><br>Usually $16.99/month<br>(incl GST)","newVAS/item0/./iconId":"","newVAS/item0/./icon":""}

All prices exclude GST unless stated.

*Allocated data at max speed, then speeds reduce to a maximum of 1.2Mbps, this will impact your experience.

**If you are on the $90 Endless plan ($78.26 excl. GST) a Fair Use policy applies:​ This means you cannot use the service in a way that is overly excessive or unreasonable.​ This policy is based on how most people use the service and helps us make sure everyone using it gets to enjoy it. If you engage in overly excessive or unreasonable usage, we will contact you. If this usage continues, you will be given the choice to move to a new plan.

Team Up FAQs

Team Up looks for eligible plans across all the accounts under a Customer number. Each month it automatically applies a discount to each of those plans. The discount amount is based on the number of eligible plans you have.

Diagram showing you can have your Team Up mobile plans on different accounts, but they all need to be under the same customer number which has ultimate responsibility

Customer/ Customer number: This can be an individual or a company. Each Spark Customer is assigned a Customer number. They are responsible for all accounts attributed to that Customer number, including the authority to view and/or make changes to all plans and services, and query any charge.

Account/ Account number: Customers can divide their services into different billing accounts. Each account will have a different account number and can have an alternative billing contact and address.

If I'm not a Spark customer

Select two or more eligible Team Up Mobile plans to add to your Customer number. You'll have the option to choose a new number, bring a number over from another provider or keep your existing number. In addition, your cart will automatically apply the ongoing Team Up savings. 

If I'm already a Spark customer

If you have an existing eligible Team Up Mobile plan, you may add more eligible plans to your existing account (or add an additional account under your Customer number) to get an automatic, ongoing Team Up saving. Four or more plans qualify for 35% savings. The more you add, the more you save (up to the maximum discount of 35%).

You can add new plans, or change your existing plan to an eligible Team Up plan through MySpark, Spark app, your local hub or by booking a call

If they're not a Spark customer

They'll need to port (or move) their mobile connection to Spark, under your Customer number on an eligible Team Up mobile plan. Once they're ported, and if you're also on an eligible plan, you'll automatically receive the Team Up savings.

See our Team Up plans

If they're already a Spark customer

They'll need to be on an eligible Team Up Mobile plan under your customer number for you to get the Team Up savings. Changing your plan can be done through MySpark or the Spark app.

If they’re already with Spark on a separate account, you have the option to bring them under your customer number to get Team Up savings. Remember, you're responsible for any connections under your Customer number, including how those connections are used and the charges associated with them.

Contact your local hub to make account changes, or book a call

Changes to the number of eligible plans under a customer number could impact or remove the discount applied to any eligible plan included within the Team. 

The Team Up discount may be reduced or removed, including where: 

  • The number of eligible plans changes (whether by the customer or Spark, changing or terminating eligible plan/s). 
  • One or more eligible plans become subject to special pricing. 
  • The person who has the Customer number owns all the accounts under their customer number. This means they have responsibility for all plans, services and charges attached to those accounts and can make changes to them.
  • The person who has the Customer number can add other people as account authorities on one or more of their accounts. An account authority can only view and make some changes to the account they have authority for. Sometimes they can add services to the account but they can’t change the account name or add another account authority.
  • An end user can view their own plan and usage information. 

With Team Up, account authorities will only see information relating to the account they have authority on - they won't see which plans on the Customer's other accounts are eligible for Team Up. They may get a sense of the total number of eligible plans across all the Spark accounts under a Customer number though, because the bill for each Spark account will show a discount that reflects the total number. 

When using Spark services, you often need to share personal information with us. Our Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect and how we use, share and protect it, and it applies whenever you interact with us or use our products and services.  

Read our Privacy Policy