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Cost Manager

The power to better manage 
your costs at a glance!




As your business keeps growing, it becomes harder to escape the ever increasing layers of complexity that are added to your telecommunications bill. To minimise the confusion, you can subscribe to Cost Manager.


Cost Manager enables you to analyse your Spark bill online, delivering visibility and options to manage your costs.

With Cost Manager you'll get access to a web-based bill reporting and analysis solution that transforms your monthly statements into insightful business intelligence:

  • View current and previous month statements
  • View predefined or customised reports focused on areas of interest
  • Track and forecast spend
  • Understand your calling patterns
  • Monitor use and misuse of your Spark products, such as identifying the most expensive calls
  • Manage and allocate costs across your business units (in minutes)
  • Smart features to analyse the products and services that appear on your bill, including calling, mobile and data