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Additional services for your 0800 number

With Spark 0800 numbers, providing efficient and cost effective service to your customers is only the beginning. It's easy to get more out of your Toll Free Number with the following additional services – simply call 126 to get them added.

0800 Follow Me

If you have an 0800 number but work in several locations, sign up for 0800 Follow Me and you can always answer the toll free calls – wherever you happen to be working from.

0800 Follow Me is a subscription-based 0800 service which you can use to change the answering point of one or more of your 0800 numbers using a touch-tone phone.

It’s ideal if you often need to change the terminating number of your 0800 service. For example, if you work from offices in several locations and you wish to have your 0800 number following you depending on where you're working.

How much does it cost?

There's a one-off set up cost of $35.00. After that, you'll pay $5.00 a month for the service. All prices exclude GST.

How does it work?

0800 Follow Me terminating numbers can be almost any New Zealand number - other than another 0800 number - choices include mobile, Message Manager, pagers and faxes.

You dial the 0800 Follow Me access number to use the service and, after entering your PIN number, you arrive at the main option menu.

Follow Me features:

  • Access from a touch-tone phone. Make your own changes when you like from anywhere in New Zealand
  • Confidential PIN. Choose your PIN to ensure that only you can change your 0800 answering number
  • Available on national and international 0800. 0800 Follow Me works with both national and international 0800 numbers
  • Four pre-programmed numbers. Save time by having numbers that you commonly divert pre-programmed on the service

For more information, have a read of our 0800 Follow Me User Guide.

What else you should know about 0800 Follow Me

  • 0800 Follow Me is available to Spark Business customers with a national or international 0800 number. 
  • You can not divert your 0800 number to an overseas number using 0800 Follow Me.

Tollfree Reporting 

Tollfree Reporting is a free reporting tool for customers with tollfree numbers (0800 and 0508). 

Reports are produced daily, weekly or monthly and report on calling frequency and line usage. Reports are emailed to you in MS Excel format and it is recommended that you use MS Excel 2003 or above to ensure access. Reports are sent by 10:00am each morning for daily reports, 10:00am Mondays for weekly reports, or on the first working day of the month by 10:00am for monthly reports.

Examples of what's in the reports include:

  • Number of calls by call status (complete calls versus incomplete calls)
  • Number of calls by hour of day and day of week
  • Number of calls by caller region
  • Most frequent calling numbers
  • Most expensive calls
  • Longest calls

How do I order additional services? 

Call us on 0800 BUSINESS (0800 28 74 63) or 126.