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Business Toll Free

Free calls pay:

Get your phone ringing with a Spark toll free number. Your customers call you for free, you pick up the bill, and their business. Smart business.

Do I need it?

Business isn’t easy, and every customer is key. So if you want customers to call you rather than your competitor, it’s a no brainer. Plus they’re more likely to call if it’s free.

Features and Benefits:

Sales are Up – Never miss a call, never miss a sale. If you’re easier to contact, the more help you can be, and the more sales you’ll make. Every call matters.

Happier Customers – Customers call free, so the cost of a call will never be a barrier to more business. Plus all calls can be redirected, so there’s always someone picking up the phone.

Flexibility – Divert calls where and when needed. Inside or out, take the call wherever you are.

They’ve got your number - Choose a catchy 0800 number and be top of mind. Be as creative as you want. Make it memorable.


Plan Who’s it suit?
0800 National Plan Businesses where customers call from all over New Zealand. Our most popular plan if you service nationwide businesses, like large franchises with centralised customer service call centres. It’s also great for online businesses where your customers can be calling from anywhere around New Zealand.
0800 Freephone plan Perfect if you spend a lot of your time out of the office, taking calls on your mobile.
Your customers are calling from overseas. This International 0800 service is available from 40 countries, or you can set up a Universal International Freephone Number, which can be standard across different countries.
You’re based in different countries. Make the most of time differences by having your International 0800 calls forwarded to another country after hours. Just set up an International 0800 number in New Zealand, which is answered overseas.

What does it cost?

National plans

Freephone plans

Plan Name Minimum Monthly Fee Included minutes Additional Minutes
0800 Freephone 100 $25 100 $0.25
0800 Freephone 250 $50 250 $0.20
0800 Freephone 500 $75 500 $0.15
0800 Freephone 1,250 $125 1,250 $0.10

All plans come with these FREE features:

Busy/ No Answer Call Advance: Redirect calls when the 0800 number is busy or not being answered.

Time of Day Diversion: Redirect calls to another number (or answer phone) at pre-set times of the day or night.

Confidential PIN: Provide an exclusive service to customers by giving them an 0800 PIN

There are a number of additional 0800 services available. Contact your Spark Business Hub for more details.