NZ customers call free with a National 0800 number | Spark NZ


Remove the barriers for customers calling your business

A Spark Toll Free Number allows your customers to call you free of charge. Wherever in the country your business happens to be we have range of toll free services to suit you.


  • Customers are more likely to pick up the phone if it’s free
  • Increases the professionalism of your business and drives customer loyalty
  • No need to change your existing landline number
  • Free reporting to monitor your call volumes and patterns

Plans & Pricing

No matter how many calls your business receives we have the plan to suit.

Perfect if you spend a lot of time away from your office or want the certainty of a flat rate no matter where the call is coming from.

With our Freephone plans you can choose the plan that suits your businesses requirements and the more calls you receive the cheaper it gets.

Plan Per Minute Rate Monthly Fee
0800 Freephone - Tier 1 $0.25 $25 minimum usage fee
0800 Freephone - Tier 2 $0.20 $50 minimum usage fee
0800 Freephone - Tier 3 $0.15 $75 minimum usage fee
0800 Freephone - Tier 4 $0.10 $125 minimum usage fee

Note: All pricing is per number and excludes GST. A $0.2133 per minute surcharge applies for calls from Spark payphones

Perfect if you answer the majority of your calls on your office landline.

With our National plan you’ll be charged a variable rate depending on where the call originates and whether you answer the call on a landline or a mobile.

0800 National
Plan Monthly Rental - $20 minimum usage fee
Calling Rates Per minute rate
Local $0.0355
National $0.09
Spark Mobile $0.26
Non-Spark Mobile $0.28
Any mobile 0800 answered on a mobile $0.54

Note: All pricing is per number and excludes GST. A $0.2133 per minute surcharge applies for calls from Spark payphones


Each 0800 plan comes with these free services to help make it work for you:

  • Busy/No Answer Call Advance
    Redirect calls when the 0800 number is busy or not being answered
  • Time of Day Diversion
    Redirect calls to another number (or answer phone)
  • Confidential PIN
    Provides an exclusive service to your top customers by giving them an 0800 PIN
  • Reporting
    daily, weekly or monthly reporting on calling frequency eg: number of calls by hour

There are also a number of other additional 0800 features available. Please contact your nearest Spark Business Hub for more details on how the service can be customised to meet your needs.

  • The pricing plans shown are for a 24 month contract. An Early Termination fee of $199 applies
  • These 0800 plans are only available to Spark Business Customers and Spark’s standard Business Terms and conditions apply
  • A one-off fee of $50+GST applies to all new 0800 connections
  • All prices exclude GST unless otherwise stated. Calling caps do not apply to Toll Free Number calls
  • The minimum Monthly Usage Fee covers all calling costs up to that value. Once calling costs reach that value all calls will be charged at the specified per minute rate
  • All prices are per minute and are charged at a 1 minute minimum and per second thereafter
  • Calls using additional features such as Follow Me where your call is diverted will incur an additional charge. These will be in accordance to your selected plan and the appropriate call type.