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0800 CallView

Get the lowdown on how many customers have been calling your toll free number, when they rang and if their call was answered.

Wouldn't it be great if that information was available the following day after the calls were made with the simple click of a button? Well, there is an easy way and it's called 0800 CallView.

0800 CallView is an online reporting application for Spark tollfree 0800 managed business customers. You can view, print (in the future download) call information for your 0800/0508 number(s). 0800 CallView provides you with the ability to sort and filter the data within reports and graphs. Once up and running you can analyse things like the geographic location of your inbound callers, assess peak calling times, identify the number of incomplete calls and measure responses to promotional campaigns.

How does it work?

0800 CallView is an online reporting tool available under Your Spark for Business.

Once you have your user login for Your Spark for Business, you can subscribe to 0800 CallView reporting and view call information on one or more of your Spark Toll Free 0800/0508 services. Anytime you need to view your 0800 CallView reports, all you'll need to do is go to www.spark.co.nz and login using your secure username login and password.

0800 CallView is able to provide both summary and graphical reports covering the following key areas of your Spark 0800/0508 call traffic:

  • Number of calls to one or more (0800/0508) Line numbers
  • Number of calls to one or more 0800s/0508s based on the Call Date
  • Number of calls to 0800/0508 based on the from Region / from Location of calls
  • Calls to 0800/0508 based on call status i.e. completed calls versus incomplete or unsuccessful calls
  • The Monthly trend of calls made to one or more 0800/0508 numbers

These reports can be further refined using report filters to focus on things like particular calling hours of the day, particular days, incomplete call conditions etc. If all you want is a graphical representation of these reports, this selection is available for reports by line number, Call date, Hour of Day and Monthly trending.

There is also a sort function available if you want to rearrange some of the reports by answer point, 0800 line number etc. 

What else you should know…

The following information is not available from 0800 CallView to protect the privacy of personal information:

  • Personal information such as names and address of callers
  • The originating phone numbers of persons or organisations with Confidential number listings
  • Spark Number Withhold Subscribers and originating phone numbers invoking temporary line blocking on their 0800/0508 calls