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Manage and use Cloud Marketplace

Find out how to set up and manage users and licences on your account in the Cloud Marketplace, and what to do if you've forgotten your sign in details. 

To register an account for your business, contact your local Spark representative. View Business Hubs

Once you've registered, you can access the customer control panel to create users and admins on your account, manage your subscriptions, buy additional products or cancel existing ones.

Free trials

Some products have a free trial period that you can activate in the marketplace. When the trial ends, you'll begin the monthly subscription.

View products

To view the available products and services in the Cloud Marketplace, select the category then sub category. 

Create users

Once you've created a user, you can apply admin roles and assign services to them.

  1. Sign in to your Customer Control Panel. Sign in now
  2. Click Users in the sidebar
    You will find all users listed in the Users page. Only one user is showing when you begin creating users.
  3. Click the Add new users button
  4. Input in the First Name, Last Name, Role and Email fields

    Note: Users can receive notifications to an alternative email. Tick the Use different emails to sign in and receive notifications option.
    When a new user is given an Admin role, additional fields display in the user details panel.
  5. Click Finish

Other options

You can add more user by clicking the One more user button. Use the Assign services to new users panel to assign products to your user.

Note: Some services require users to be assigned licenses from within the vendor's portal. Learn more by reading the starter guide for each product.

If a user wants to access their own control panel (myCP), tick the Send activation email to users option. These users can then assign their own services.

Enable / disable users

By default, users are created in an enabled state. Disabling a user restricts their access to the control panel and disables all services assigned to them. When you re-enable a user, they will gain access the control panel again, and any services that were assigned to them.

  1. Sign in to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)
  2. Click Users in the left-hand-side menu
  3. Select the name of the user you wish to enable or disable
  4. On the user's page, click the Disable or Enable button
  5. A prompt will pop up, click Disable or Enable
  6. A message will display to confirm the change

You can add or remove licences in the Cloud Marketplace, and then assign them to users in Microsoft Tenancy.

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Marketplace
  2. Click Microsoft CSP in the sidebar
  3. Click the Manage subscription button on the licence you wish to adjust
  4. Increase or decrease the New limit using the +/- buttons
  5. Scroll down the page and click the Update limits button

Your account in the Microsoft Tenancy portal will be updated after a few minutes. You can then assign the licences to any new or existing users in Microsoft Tenancy.

Where can I find more support?

If you need help with:

Cloud Marketplace portal

Other portal support, email

Support for products that are available on the Cloud Marketplace

See Cloud apps

Other queries

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the Cloud Marketplace. Email us at

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