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Sometimes in business it can feel like you need to do everything on your own. Wouldn't it be great if someone offered a helping hand?

We offer products and services tailored to your business. Simply dial 0800 248 942 or book a visit from this Hub to arrange your 30-minute business tech check. How nice and easy that is for a change?

How we're helping our customers

Natural Sugars

By taking the time to visit the Natural Sugars office and have one-on-one meetings with CFO Michael Brooks and his team on a regular basis, Spark's Daniel Week has really gotten to understand the business better. That’s meant he’s been able to come up with some smart ways to help them save money.

Natural Sugars have been selling sugar and edible oil products across Australasia and the Pacific since 2009. It’s a highly commoditised market, so they rely on superior customer service to stand out from their competitors. But doing business in far-flung places like New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia can be a costly task. “We have people travelling all over the place to guarantee supply chains and look after key customers better, so roaming is big expense to us.” says Natural Sugars CFO Michael Brooks.

Fortunately, useful advice from Spark's Daniel Week has helped keep the situation under control. “He’s been able to provide some solutions to get around those high costs,” Michael explains. “Plus he got us onto the Spark roaming app, which is very easy to use, no one has problems with it.”

Daniel shares the same strong customer service ethos as Natural Sugars. So he does everything he can - like visiting the nearby business personally to provide one-to-one explanations - to make sure everyone at Natural Sugars’ really understand how to get great value when they’re abroad. “We show them the best ways to roam to the regions, how to add bundles, remove bundles, and the best ways to get help if they have faults while they're overseas,” he explains.

In fact being locally based means Daniel gets to meet with Natural Sugars face-to-face regularly. As a result, he better understands how their business works. Subsequently, he’s had plenty of other ideas about new ways to help move the business forward closer to home too, especially now that they’re moving to a new office. “They are looking to do things smarter and part of that is because they're expanding and growing very quickly” says Daniel. “Their PABX is old so we’re moving them onto IP Centrex, which is our cloud-based PABX solution. That will link their Tauranga office and their new Auckland office so they can cost-effectively transfer calls to and from each centre to mobile phones.”

Because he’s familiar with the area, he also knew he could migrate Natural Sugars onto fibre to optimise the PABX system. Michael can see the benefits and agrees it’s the right move. “There are a lot of concerns around the copper networks going forward, with rental and maintenance rates that will apply. And fibre seems to be pretty reliable so moving our system on to that makes sense,” he says. “Plus it's easy for data cabling layouts for the new office as we won't need to put copper cables in.”

Providing these sorts of technical solutions are where local Spark Business Hubs really come into their element. They deal with small to medium businesses around their regions on a daily basis, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to help businesses like Natural Sugars. “We can provide customers with examples of what other businesses in the area have done in similar situations and give them best practice advice on their telco set up, based on what their business is and what they need, and can match a solution to them.” says Daniel. “And our customers are not only looking for a competitive price but a responsive service that will help them sort out problems should they arise”.

And that was a real sweetener for Michael - someone close to hand to deal with personally, who’s familiar with Natural Sugars’ growing needs, providing tailor-made solutions. “We'll be embracing as much technology as possible. So it’s pretty critical we have a person to talk with who’s responsive because things happen really quickly. We sometimes need stuff to happen right now and that's where Daniel and the Hub have totally come in handy.”

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