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Business Toll Free

What is Business Toll Free?

With a Business 0800 or 0508 number, your customers can call toll free and your business pays for the call.

You can choose either an 0508 or 0800 number or a word phone number that suits your business. For more detail, check out Business Toll Free.


Can I get any extra features with my Business Toll Free plan?

Yes you can. Some of them are free to set up, and others have a monthly charge and a setup fee. Talk to your local Spark Business Hub to discuss your needs.

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Here’s a summary of the useful extras you can add:

Use this to redirect calls if your toll free number is busy or when there’s nobody available to answer it.

This automatically tries two additional numbers if the main number is not answered within the time you choose (between 6 & 60 seconds), reducing the likelihood of missing calls.

Redirect calls to another number or voicemail at pre-set times of the day (Monday - Friday, Saturday - Sunday, Public Holidays).

Prompt callers for a PIN number before connecting a call, so you keep control over who can use the Toll Free number.

This feature comes with two options:

  1. Stop calls by geographic area (e.g. you are a Wellington business and don't want people in Christchurch being able to call your number)
  2. Forward calls from different geographic areas to different answering points (e.g. all South Island calls could go to a Christchurch number and all North Island calls could go to a Wellington number).

Calls from most mobile phones can be directed to different answering points or stopped from calling. You can also do this by area (e.g. Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch).

Worth noting: Currently, calls from Vodafone's mobile network can only be directed to a single answering point.

Change where you direct your toll free number(s) calls without having to contact Spark. Just be aware that you won’t be able to direct your calls to another toll free number or an overseas number.

Download the Follow Me User Guide

A call to your toll free number is answered with a recorded message (e.g. “press 1 for accounts, press 2 for sales, 3 for warehouse, etc."). This means one toll free number can be used for several parts of your business, so you save money and staff time.

If the caller doesn't select an option you can nominate a number to transfer them to.

You can also link call prompting to geographic diversion so you can forward calls from a particular area, or time of day diversion so you can forward them at a particular time of day.

Any charges for the call start when the toll free number is answered, not when call prompting starts.

Divert calls to other numbers at particular times of day. It’s a simple way to effectively manage your incoming calls at different times of the day, week or year.

This delivers a brief message to callers before they are connected. The message can be up to 15 seconds long, so you can welcome people before they are connected or prompt them to have any necessary information ready. It’s also a good way of screening out mis-dialled calls as charging starts when the call is connected, after the courtesy response message has finished playing.

Four short pips will cut over the conversation at the beginning of the call to let you know when a caller has rung your toll free number.

Distribute your business calls to a maximum of different 10 locations, on a prearranged percentage basis.

InfoCall is a separate number you can use to provide pre-recorded information to your customers. It can also be used as the answer point for a toll free number.

You can record your own information, but callers will not be able to leave a message. And you’ll only be charged once callers are transferred to another number for assistance.

To update your message without having to call Spark, just dial 083212 and follow the voice prompts

You can preset up to 10 different answering messages. Just call 0800 BUSINESS to switch between set ups.

When a caller rings your toll free number they hear a 10-second introductory message followed by a main message. You can then refer them to a further nine menu choices. Each menu can also have up to nine sub menus. The maximum message length is 15 minutes.

Store pre-recorded information for your callers to listen to and give them the opportunity to leave a message for you up to two minutes long (you can store up to 1,500 different caller messages).

  • Single Level Announcement
    Record a message up to 15 minutes long that callers can listen to.
  • Single Level Reply
    Record a message up to 15 minutes long that callers to listen to. Callers can also leave a 2 minute reply once they’ve finished listening to your message.
  • Multi Level
    This a combination of one or more menu, plus the announcement and reply features.  
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