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Customerlink basics

  • You can divert your landline phone number to another number.
  • The number you divert to isn't at a physical address.
  • If you're moving out of your current area, you can divert calls without changing your number.
  • You can divert up to 63 calls.
  • If you want to disconnect your number, but still use Customerlink, check your contract.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Residential and business

You can divert your calls to:

  • A landline, toll-free number or mailbox number.
  • A call minder.
  • No diversion. You keep your number, but no calls will come through.

Business only

You can divert your calls to:

  • An InfoAnswer or FaxAdvantage mailbox on your phone line.
  • A mobile number.
  • An international number. Business international rates apply.


  • Keeping your number means you won't miss important calls
  • There’s no need to reprint stationery or advertising if you’re moving out of your old exchange area
  • You can divert calls to a mailbox and record a message letting callers know your new number

Good to know

When you disconnect your number and put it on Customerlink:

  • If you have Spark services on a contract, any relevant contract terms and disconnection fees will apply.
  • If you want to reconnect your number and services at a later date, we can’t guarantee that this will happen. Terms & Conditions apply.
Service Compatible?
One Voicemail x
Message Waiting Notification x
Unlimited x

Customerlink has a monthly rental cost. There’s also a standard call rate between the exchange the number is connected to and where it diverts  - also known as where it "terminates". Local call charging still applies even if the Customerlink is on a Residential account.

People calling the Customerlink number will be charged their usual rate for calling the area where it is held.

Here are a few examples to help you see how it works:

Example 1:
Bob has a Christchurch number on Customerlink and has it diverted to his Auckland office.

Jane in Wellington calls the Christchurch number.

  • Jane pays for the toll call from Wellington to Christchurch
  • Bob is charged a toll call from Christchurch to Auckland

Example 2:

Chris has a Tauranga number on Customerlink and has it diverted to his 0800 number which terminates in Hamilton.

Alison in Tauranga calls his Customerlink number.

  • Alison makes a free local call (unless she is a business customer) as she is calling a Tauranga number from Tauranga
  • Chris is charged nothing on his Customerlink as it is making a free call to an 0800
  • The 0800 number is charged for receiving a call from Tauranga

Example 3:

Mary has a Dunedin number on Customerlink and it diverts to her Call Minder.

Bruce in Dunedin calls the Dunedin Customerlink number.

  • Bruce makes a free local call (unless he is a business customer)
  • Mary is changed nothing on her Customerlink as it is a free call to Call Minder

Example 4:

Jane has an Auckland number on Customerlink and it diverts a Mobile.

Sally in Auckland calls the Auckland Customerlink number.

  • Sally makes a free local call (unless she is a business customer)
  • Jane is charged for the call from her Auckland number to her mobile - the same as if she had made the call herself
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