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What is InfoAnswer?

InfoAnswer gives your callers detailed pre-recorded information, when you can't talk to them. 

You can set it up to take all your calls or use the ‘busy’ or ‘no answer’ diverts to give you flexible answering times.

  • Your message can be up to 10 minutes long.
  • Up to 4 people can call simultaneously and they’ll all hear the message.
  • Transfer to Personal Assistant is available, so a caller can press a single key to be transferred to another number
  • Callers can not leave a message
  • You can turn InfoAnswer on or off from any phone as and when you need it.

Worth noting: there are a few differences between InfoAnswer and a similar service we offer called InfoCall.

  • InfoAnswer is connected to your line while InfoCall is connected on a different, standalone number.
  • With InfoCall there’s a per-minute call charge. There is no per-minute charge with InfoAnswer.
  • InfoAnswer can be connected to a Customerlink number. This is a cheaper option for customers as there is no per minute charge for the Customerlink number to terminate on InfoAnswer.
  • The monthly rental for InfoAnswer is cheaper than InfoCall.

What do I need to get it?

You’ll need a touch-tone phone to record InfoAnswer messages.

Also, we won’t be able to provide InfoAnswer in the following situations:

  • With a Toll Bar or Call Restriction
  • On a Dual Number
  • On a stepping line
  • On extensions behind a PABX (including DDI numbers). However, InfoAnswer can be put on a pilot number and the stepping lines will function as normal
  • On a Voice over Fibre line (consider InfoCall instead)

How does it work?

Your InfoProvider number- provides access to InfoAnswer so you can record your message.

Your InfoProvider number is the same as your telephone number and your full area code. For example: 04 345 6789

Your PIN - is your personal identification number (initially it will be 1234).

We’ve set up voice prompts and instructions to guide you when you are using InfoAnswer. Listen to the prompts and follow the instructions by pressing the keys on your phone. You can press:

  • 0 for help
  • * to cancel
  • # to skip ahead any time
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