Galaxy S22 Ultra

Welcome to the epic new standard. Introducing the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with a built-in S Pen,
Nightography camera and a battery that goes far beyond just one day.1

The Galaxy S22 Ultra phone

A note-worthy new look

Fully embued with the power of Note, meet the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
Slim and bold, a polished frame surrounds its extruded shape for
elegant symmetry. The linear camera draws all eyes as the
mirrored lens rings gives it the illusion of floating in place.

Leave your mark with colour

Be a trendsetter and embrace the bold tones of Burgundy or Green. You could also stand out with the subtlety of Phantom White or maybe Phantom Black. Whichever you choose, these sophisticated and timeless colours all amplify the sleek design.2

Make nights epic
with Nightography


Get the big picture

With the massive pixel sensors and shape-shifting pixels, this phone has our most advanced Pro-grade Camera yet, packing the power of a professional's kit in one handheld device. Shoot into the night without sacrificing quality.

40MP Selfie camera - 12MP Ultra Wide Camera - 108MP Wide-angle Camera - 10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera 2 - 10MP 10x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera 1


Brighten up your nightlife #nightography


captures way
past closing

Inspiration doesn't wait for optimal lighting — and now you don't have to, either. A big leap in our video technology, auto framerate matches the fps speed to your surroundings and Super Night Solution clears up the noise in each frame for high-quality, vivid footage whether you're in the sun or under the stars.

Cityscape at night


Leaves other cameras in the dark

We've reworked the hardware and software in our Pro-grade Camera so it now comes with our brightest innovation yet — Nightography. Do more in the night with the big pixel sensor pulling in more light, with minimal noise for movie set-level lighting, while the Super Clear Glass & Lens tones down lens flare for crystal-clear, bright frames.

Big Pixel Sensor

The 108MP high-resolution camera has a superpower: our large pixel sensor. It can detect low lighting, and meld its megapixels together, creating blocks of nine pixels that increase the size. The resulting 2.4μm pixels pull in large amounts of light. Complementing this, Low noise processing helps to get rid of the grain, for a clear, detailed night shot.

Super Clear Glass & Lens

Super Clear Glass covers the front of the Rear Camera, and the Wide-angle Camera is equipped with a Super Clear Lens — both of which have an exclusive ultra-low reflection nano-coating. This specially engineered glass and lens help lessen lens flare when you take photos, even in the dark.

Go all-day and supercharge your night1

Enhanced AI takes 5000mAh (typical) of power from one day into the next, intelligently adapting to the way you use your phone3 Long story short: it saves power for when you need it most, giving you a battery life that lasts far beyond just the day.

Super Fast Charging

Full speed ahead. Get a super-fast charge that outlasts the day when you plug into the 45W Power Adapter.4

Wireless PowerShare

With all that battery power, there's plenty to spare. Give your friend a boost, or wirelessly charge your earbuds on the go.5

An epic leap for


The fastest chip ever on Galaxy

The 4nm chip works its world-class power into nearly every aspect of your phone — resulting in epic night shots, incredibly clear photos from day to night and an optimized mobile gaming experience to lead you to victory.

Our brightest display for the brightest day

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with Vision Booster is glare's worst nightmare, hitting 1750 nits at its peak.6 And the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate keeps your scrolling smooth, adjusting to what's on screen for an optimised view.

Make the smart switch

Unbox. Setup. Create. Smart Switch makes transferring data from your current phone seamless — bringing over your gallery, notes, contacts and more. Even if you're coming from another OS.7

Take the Ultra experience further

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