Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in two forms, one is folded, and one is in flex mode.
Galaxy Z Flip4 phones laid out vertically, displayed in four colours, blue, graphite, pink gold and Bora purple

The phone that
claps back

A Bora purple Galaxy Z Flip4, folded and the time and a thumbnail image displayed on the cover screen, placed next to 3 lavender purple macaroons.


Small but mighty when folded, Galaxy Z Flip4 is a compact full- sized smartphone, and just the right size to slip in a pocket when it's time to play.1

4 friends taking a group selfie photo on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in flex cam mode. Showcasing the flex cam camera provides a base to take selfies hands free.
Flex cam, written in big font, showing a Galaxy Flip4 in flip mode with the flex camera in use, on the device display screen, an image of 4 vibrant stylish people smiling is projected.
Flex Cam

Go ahead,
flex on them

Introducing FlexCam, a versatile, hands-free camera experience. Take advantage of your phone’s agile angles to capture group shots, selfies and videos from mind-blowing perspectives and impressive true-to-life detail — even in your go-to social apps.2

Z Flip4, in flip mode, allows for group video caller views. The flip mode screen shows 4 different users on the same screen in a group call.

Share with the squad

Catch up via video chat on Google Meet.3 Maybe even do a movie night from your phone, co-watching high-quality video with your friends through live sharing. With synced videos, catch everyone's reactions to the action in real time.4

Big font saying, “Show off your dark side”. High resolution, lowlight portrait photo, taken with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.
A night landscape photo, of city skyscrapers, taken with the Galaxy Z Flip4, with the Samsung nightography feature.

Live your best

The night just got brighter with Nightography on the Rear Camera. Details are brought to light even in the dark with bigger pixels on the Wide Camera. Say cheese!

Nightography isn't just for stills — it's also got video skills. When the action gets going, recordings stay smooth, not shaky, with enhanced OIS and VDIS. Powerful processing allows Super Night Solution to minimize noise so clips of the crew stay clear well into the night.

Image of the front and the rear cameras on the Z Flip4. On the front is a pair of 12MP cameras, one is ultrawide and one is a wide camera. On the front is a 10MP Selfie camera.
Large font saying, “Quick Shot” showing a folded purple Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, taking a photo with the phone closed. The quick shot photo is displayed in the cover screen.
Quick Shot

Enter your self-portrait era

Take selfies with the Rear Camera while the Cover Screen gives you a real-time preview. Check yourself from afar with a full-screen view finder, or tap to see the original ratio to make sure everyone is in frame. And with new software upgrades, Quick Shot is ready for even more action at all the angles between folded and FlexCam.2

Face to face video call function on the Z Flip4.

Power to the

With this much juice, you can let every call go into overtime. An upgraded 4nm processor works with the long-lasting 3700mAh (typical) battery to power through the hours.5,6

3 silver Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4s with water splashes, showing the first water resistant fold phones ever.

Still unafraid
of water

Water you worried about? These are the world’s first water-resistant foldable smartphones.7 It can hang out in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes without breaking a sweat.


Holds up from flex to flat

The 6.7-inch display unfolds a beautiful view thanks to Ultra Thin Glass.4 Advanced durability makes it stronger than ever — staying tough through up to 200,000 folds.8,9


act and go

Your daily digital regulars, right on the Cover Screen. Control your phone with taps and swipes on the 1.9-inch Cover Screen. Access Quick Settings, reply to texts and add widgets to keep apps at your fingertips — no Main Screen necessary.10


Finesse your Flip

Image of the accessories and cases, available for purchase separately for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in various colours. Including the new Buds2 ear buds, and the Watch5 Smartwatch from Samsung.

Galaxy Z Screen Replacement Service

Sometimes accidents happen

Your Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Flip4 both come with specialised screen care services, designed to give you the best possible product experience.

For peace of mind we are offering a one-time discounted screen replacement for $99.00*.

What's in the box

1. Smartphone
2. Data Cable
3. Ejection Pin

Included in the box, with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, listed in numbers, 1.) A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone 2.) A data cable 3.) A sim ejector pin

Galaxy Z Fold4