Galaxy Z Fold4

Two Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4s on display, one is semi folded facing down with an S Pen placed onto it that’s sold separately. The other Z Fold4 is mostly opened, in Flex mode, with screen facing towards viewer.

Flex on all
the others

2 Galaxy Z Fold4 phones, one is folded outwards with the screen on and operating, and one is folded inwards showing 3 camera lenses available for photography.
A male model in a suit getting a shave from a barber, using a Galaxy Z Fold4 confidently.
form factor

Stands out.
Stands up.

A pair of hands delicately holding a wide opened Galaxy Z Fold4 with thumbs and index fingers only. The screen is displaying a high-definition image of a couple on a pedestrian crossing, at dusk holding hands while looking at each other.

Does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen.1 In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device.2 And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done.3

A two-way split screen displayed on the Z Fold4 while in flex mode. On one side of the screen is a detailed architecture design illustration, on the other side is an architectural video.

Work-life balance
brought to mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has multi split screen functions. This shows a display placed into 3 tiles, demonstrating multitasking capabilities and ability to inspect in detail.


Do more than more

Wipe out tasks in fewer taps. Add apps to the Taskbar, your multitasking secret weapon, for quick navigation and bouncing between windows when you're in the groove.4

And with App Pair, one tap launches up to three apps, all sharing one super-productive screen.5

A closed Phantom Black Galaxy Fold4, camera lens side up, with an S pen on top, placed on top of a black and white background.
S Pen

Write where you
need it

Move past finger-to-screen and bring S Pen into the mix.6 Get natural precision with every stroke that feels as familiar as pen on paper.



Now you can really get into the zone. Pushed-back bezels plus an even more camouflaged Under Display Camera on a breathtaking 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display means there's more screen and no black dot getting between you and your favourite games.2,7,8

Image of Galaxy Z Fold4 fully opened, with the game League of legends: Wild Rift on the screen.

Unbelievable tech.
Unreal design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, folded with screens outwards and fully flexed in the air, splashed with dramatic water effects. Equipped with IPX8 water resistance, Z Flip4, a part of the first water resistant foldable smartphone series.
IPX8 water resistance

The first foldables that can take on water

Be adventurous, rain or shine. You don't have to sweat the forecast when you've got one of the world's first water-resistant foldable smartphones.9


Your nights just got more flexible

Close up of camera lenses from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 phone.


Pro-grade Camera that stands on its own

With the upgraded Rear Camera, Space Zoom and Nightography, we're bringing a pro-level kit to the foldable form for the first time. Use the massive Main Screen as a viewfinder to flex your photo skills with new tech.

Showing 3 camera lenses on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, with the multi-camera system. One is a 12MP Ultrawide camera, one is a 50MP Wide angle camera, and one is a 10MP 3-times optical zoom telephoto camera.
Close up view of the 4MP under display front camera on the Z Fold4.
Close up view of the 10MP front Cover camera on the Z Fold4.

Shots in the dark hit different

A stylish person in a retro and classy low-lit bar on their Galaxy Z Fold4 using the S pen.

When action-packed days turn to action-packed nights, details stay clear after dark. Advanced OIS and VDIS smooth out video while Super Night Solution limits noise — all for stunning low-light clips begging to be replayed.

smart switch

Pick up where you left off

No matter what device you're laying to rest, move your favorite apps, photos, messages and even settings to your new Galaxy Z Fold4 in just a few simple steps.10

An S icon for the Samsung Smart switch is placed in front of a Galaxy Z Fold4, with the screen UI saying, “Transferring data from your old phone.” Switching saved files, apps and data from previous phones to the new Z fold4 is simple.


Bring style into the Fold
One Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 phone is surrounded by, compatible new Samsung smart accessories. All accessories sold separately.

Galaxy Z Screen Replacement Service

Sometimes accidents happen

Your Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 both come with specialised screen care services, designed to give you the best possible product experience.

For peace of mind we are offering a one-time discounted screen replacement for $99.00*.

What's in the box

1. Smartphone
2. Data Cable
3. Ejection Pin

Included in the box, with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, listed in numbers 1.) A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 smartphone 2.) A data cable 3.) A sim ejector pin
Galaxy Z Flip4