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Share my plan with others

Share your data, call and text allowance with others. Add sharers to your plan and get the most out of your plan among a group.

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What is a shared plan?

To get the most out of your plan on data, calls and texts for a group of people, you can share your mobile plan with others. This could work well for your family or work team.

When sharing your plan you can choose to set the maximum amount of data each person in your group can use each month. All mobile users of the group will get unlimited calls and texts.

On a business shared plan? Learn about managing business shared plans

Who can share their plans?

Spark Pay Monthly customers on selected open term or 24 month plans now have the option to share their data with others. This isn't available for Endless mobile plan customers or Prepaid customers.

If you don't have a Pay Monthly plan with Spark you can buy an open term plan. Once you've bought this plan, you can share it with others.

Members of the group do not have to be in the same household or team and it could just be for a group of friends. A shared plan could even work for one person who has multiple devices.

Who is involved?

Share Leader

  • When you share your mobile plan you become a Share Leader
  • The Share Leader manages the account and has one bill for all connections within the plan
  • The Share Leader can add Mobile Sharers and Data Sharers to their plan

Mobile Sharer

  • Mobile Sharers can use data from the Share Leader's plan
  • You can have up to four Mobile Sharers on most plans
  • The Share Leader can set a limit for how much data the Mobile Sharer uses in a month, if they choose to
  • Mobile Sharers get unlimited calls and texts

Data Sharer

  • Data Sharers use data from the Share Leader's plan
  • You can have up to three Data Sharers
  • The Share Leader can set a limit for how much data the Data Sharer uses if they choose to
  • Data Sharers cannot make calls or texts

Examples of shared plans

A family

How it could work for a family

  • Mum is the Share Leader. She shares her plan with the group, manages the plan, sets data limits and pays the bill.
  • Dad is a Mobile Sharer. He shares mum's data and gets unlimited calls and texts.
  • Daughter Sally is a Mobile Sharer. She shares mum's data and gets unlimited calls and texts.
  • Son John is a Mobile Sharer. He shares mum's data and gets unlimited calls and texts.
  • Mum also has a tablet that she wants to add to the plan as a Data Sharer

Setting data limits for the family

Mum has bought a $99.99 a month Open Term Pay Monthly plan. With this plan she gets 15GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. This is the plan she shares with dad, Sally and John.

  • She sets a limit of 2GB for John's mobile and 2GB to Sally's mobile so they don't use all the data
  • She gives her mobile, her tablet and dad's mobile no data limit
  • This leaves at least 11GB for her mobile, her tablet and dad's mobile
  • If Sally and John use less data than expected, then there's more data available for mum's mobile, tablet and dad's mobile

One person - multiple devices

How it could work for one person

  • Janice has a $79.99 Pay Monthly plan with 7.5GB for her mobile phone. She decides to buy a tablet and a T-Stick.
  • She wants to use her 7.5GB data across all her devices
  • She goes to the Spark app and adds two Data Sharer plans to her plan. One for her tablet and one for her T-Stick.

Setting data limits for herself

Janice wants to use most of her data on her T-Stick so she can work remotely. She sets a data limit of 1GB on her mobile phone and 2GB on her tablet. She sets no limit on her T-Stick.

  • If she uses 1GB on her tablet and 6.5GB on her T-Stick, then she won't have any data available for her mobile phone because she's used up her data allowance
  • In this case, she might decide to change the limits next month to suit her lifestyle better
  • She changes her limits to a 4GB limit on her T-Stick, 1GB limit on her tablet and no limit on her mobile phone
  • She can change data limits throughout the month to suit her use

Set up a shared plan

  1. Check you're on an eligible plan
  2. Sign in to MySpark or the Spark app. If you haven't used MySpark online or in the Spark app before you'll need to register. Register for MySpark

Using your mobile

  1. Sign in to the Spark app
  2. Select your plan and go to the My Plan Details screen
  3. Select the menu in the top right corner. This is indicated by three dots.
  4. Select Share My Plan

Using your computer​

  1. Sign in to MySpark
  2. View your mobile plan
  3. Select Add user

Next steps

  1. Follow the steps to add users to your plan. This lets you add Mobile Sharer or Data Sharer accounts to your plan. They're referred to as sharers.
  2. You are now a Share Leader and you'll see a screen with a grid to manage your sharers
  3. As Share Leader you can manage the group plan and assign data limits
  4. You can add more sharers up to your maximum limit to your plan in MySpark or the Spark app
  5. If you're a business customer you can add sharers to your plan by contacting Spark. Find out more about business shared plans

Setting data limits

  • The Share Leader can set monthly data limits for each group member. These can be set at 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 7GB, 8GB, 9GB and 10GB.
  • All shared data used is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • A Share Leader may choose not to give a data limit to themselves or to a sharer. They can do this by setting MAX to that sharer's account in MySpark or the Spark app. Accounts set to MAX can use any data in the plan that the other members don't use.
  • Share Leaders set data limits instead of reserving data for each sharer. A sharer may not get to use all the data within their limit if all the group allocation gets used first. This could happen if a sharer without a data limit uses all the group's data before other sharers reach their own limits.
  • If the Share Leader sets a 0GB limit for a sharer it means they can't use any shared data

Manage shared plans

  • The Share Leader and sharers can check how much data is used by the group in MySpark and the Spark app
  • If a sharer uses all their data limit then the Share Leader will need to either increase or remove their data limit so the user can continue to use data
  • You can't reduce the data limit for an account if it's used more than that limit in a month

What happens if a sharer reaches their data limit?

  • If a Mobile Sharer or Data Sharer reaches their data limit they'll receive a text letting them know. The sharer won't be able to use any data until the leader has removed or increased the sharer's limit.
  • If the group reaches 100% of the data bought, sharers without data limits will move to casual rates. Data limits reset each month.

Change the Share Leader

  • If the Share Leader's mobile number is disconnected, another mobile number on the shared plan must be chosen as the new Share Leader. The same terms will apply to that mobile number. 
  • If you don't nominate a new Share Leader in 24 hours, Spark will assign it to the first Mobile Sharer added. A tablet sharer will be chosen if no Mobile Sharer is available.
  • The account holder will be notified of this change via email. If an email address hasn’t been provided, we'll notify them via text.
  • You may contact us at any time to change the Share Leader. Start Live Chat


If a sharer wants to use a Roaming Pack in an eligible country overseas, they must purchase their own pack. They can't share the Share Leader's Roaming Pack. If they don't purchase their own pack, they will incur casual rates for data, texts and calls.

Shared Plan terms and conditions apply

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